Grow Your Earnings from Paid Surveys!

Filling out surveys and trial offers at home are lucrative ways to make extra money online.

You must be overwhelmed with the information so far about how much money you can make online. The good news is that it is very much possible and now you know which websites will make you money.

This section is dedicated to showing you how to promote your links and banners and expand your profits exponentially. If you are making a steady $300 right now, I guarantee you that you could be making up to 4 times that or more. How does an extra $1,200 sound?

Always remember, Traffic is King and without the eyes that read your ads, your efforts will be wasted. If you want to be successful with promoting your links, you will need to put in the time to promote them and get them in front of as many people as possible.

One way to do that is to create user accounts with existing websites that are popular and receive high traffic and to promote and advertise on them for free.

Use Alexa to measure a websiteís traffic and this Page Rank Tool to measure its popularity. Focus on websites that have high traffic (the lower the Alexa rank the better) and page rank.

This one section alone is worth hundreds of dollars. I have been called a fool repeatedly by so many for providing all this information for free. But like I told you earlier, good karma always comes back.

I have experienced and lived through this time and again in my life. So here is goes...

Word of Mouth

Exhaust all word of mouth efforts and utilize all the free online tools that already exist before you consider anything else.

Tell all your friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances about this opportunity FIRST. You never know who is looking to make money online whether full time or part time. It might be a bit tough to convince them at first, but go ahead and show them copies of checks as a proof that this works!

Most survey companies allow you to send emails to anyone through their sites. And if they donít you can simply send an email from your account. Word of mouth is by far the best way to grow your network.

If you think about it I am really doing the same arenít I? I am just doing it through a website. It is how I could reach millions of people from around the world and communicate to them even while I am sleeping.

More on using websites to promote your network below..

Social Networking

Make sure you leverage the power of Social Networking and other public websites that allow you to post for free...

Social Networks are HUGE! You need to join as many social networking websites as you can. The few absolute critical ones are mentioned below. What you need to do is to expand your friendís list (network) by inviting people of like minds to be your friends.

Search for groups that are into internet marketing or interested in making money online. Add them to your friends list and then send them a thank you note. Once they are on your list, you can communicate with them and introduce them to your opportunity.

You can also target specific individuals like college students, entrepreneurs, single moms, etc. All these groups are very much interested in what you are doing; you can take my word on that.

If you need help learning how to effectively market your opportunity through social networks, search Google or look for videos on YouTube that teach how to leverage the power of social networks to expand your business. There are a TON of good ones out there you can learn from.


The king of social networking websites. MySpace probably receives more traffic than all the other links here combined. You cannot miss this. Use your network and advertise your referral links to make more money on the Internet. I get a lot of traffic from my MySpace page which contains a link to my referral programs.


The runner-up to MySpace. Some people are dedicated Facebook users that will not go to MySpace and vice-versa. Make sure you capture both crowds. Facebook also has all kinds of applications; making it easy to post advertisements and referral links. I personally have had a lot of success promoting my affiliate marketing referral program through Facebook.


A well recognized International social networking website. Gain access to hundreds of thousands of faces instantly. I have had many people living outside of the US have clicked on my referral marketing links on Friendster. However not all affiliate marketing referral programs offer memberships to people outside the US. Nonetheless my referral links do get my a lot of traffic from Friendster as well.

Ryze & LinkedIn

The MySpace for the older crowd. People here are a bit more serious and bottom line oriented. Why not cater this money making opportunity directly to them? You may very well have so many people just waiting for opportunities to make money at home on the Internet.

I have experienced high conversion rates from my affiliate and referral program links on Ryze and LinkedIn. Basically, more referrals from these sites actually sign up for the referral programs after clicking onto my referral links.

Other critical free websites include sites that allow you to write posts and make advertisements such as Blogs, forums, discussion and bulletin groups.

Blogs, Forums, Groups & Discussion Boards

Participate in as many discussion threads and groups (Yahoo Groups is very popular) that are related to your topic of making money online, or making money on the Internet. Also look for discussions around referral marketing on the Internet.

There is so much good stuff you can find here. Itís just a matter of putting in the time and participating in discussions and responding to Blogs. Always make sure you leave a signature on the bottom of your post. Your signature is how you will be promoting your referral links.

Join forums, email lists and discussion groups that include people with similar interests as you. Here you can advertise your opportunity for free. The best way to go in my opinion is to join Yahoo Groups. There are so many groups that can benefit from your promotion.

Also consider Yahoo Answers. Do a search on Google for other forums and discussion groups. The more you spread the word the more exposure you will get and then bigger your checks will grow.

Blogs and discussion boards are very similar. What you want to do is make Blog posts or comment on an existing post. Just remember to leave your promotion links on the bottom of each reply or post that you make. This is how you take advantage of the freebie websites that allow you to post comments.

Always leave your links on the bottom.

When searching for forums, Blogs and discussion groups, try searching under the following: finance, home business, work at home, work from home...you get the idea...

Also check out One Stop Web Employment for an extensive list of work at home forums.

Your Email Signature

Weave in your links within your email signature!

How many emails do you send and receive daily? Imagine if each email had your referral links in it? Yes exactly! This is something you should have done from day one.

Letís say CashCrate is your favorite company (like it is one of mine), simply add your referral link on the bottom of your email in a signature form so that all recipients of your email can see it. You never know who is looking for an opportunity to make extra cash or even a full time living online.

Social Bookmarking

This marketing avenue is increasingly growing in popularity. What you need to do is to build a big network then social bookmark certain sites with your information and referral links in them.

For example, if you made a Blog post or responded to a forum postingÖor if you have your own website, simply social bookmark these pages so that your social bookmarking network can see what you have bookmarked. It will make them look into those webpages a bit more in detail.

Digg, StumbleUpon, RedIt and Delicious are some big names in this arena. There are a ton of others as well. Just search on Google and YouTube for ways to best use this marketing strategy to your advantage. There is so much good and free information out there it is almost overwhelming. Just take it one at a time and use this technique wisely. It is very powerful if done right.

Put Up a YouTube Video

Make a quick 5 minute or less video and post it on YouTube for free. Search YouTube for videos similar to what you want to do and learn from them. See what successful marketers are doing right and what they are doing wrong.

Basically in your video you want to communicate to people what this opportunity is about and how they can take advantage of it. You can show proof of your success and embed a link in your video that sends your viewers to your website, Blog or referral links.

Again, to benefit from this, you must have your link on the video. Either that, or you can simply make mention of it and hopefully viewers can remember and type it in their internet browsers. YouTube is very powerful and can be extremely effective if your strength is your persuasive speaking style.

Article Marketing

One of the most effective and powerful ways to expand your network or to promote your website is through article marketing. Article marketing allows you to publish articles that can be viewed by millions of internet surfers. Always include your referral link or a link to your website or Blog on the bottom of each article you publish.


Excellent article repository. Write an article or two regarding your experience with referral marketing, your success and how others can benefit. Show people how to do it and include links they can use to become successful as well.

I would rank Buzzle second to Ezine (discussed below) in terms of the referral traffic that I receive. The quality of traffic is great however! Like Ryze, some of my highest conversions have come from Buzzle.

Ezine Articles

The top rated article repository on the Internet today. I once posted an article and had over 400 views in just 4 days. A very powerful, must use tool for you if you are serious about your success on the Internet. Ezine is perfect for marketing affiliate and referral programs by providing first hand experience to your readers.


Articles donít have to be long. They can be a short half page or one page piece. If you donít have the time for write them, consider Elance. You can post a project here and have freelance writers bid on it. You can then select the writer and bid suitable for you and get some articles done very cheap.

You can post your requirements and specifications beforehand. You donít need to pay until the project is complete and meets your standards. It is an excellent resource and very easy to use. I have used Elance many times for article and content for some of my other websites and have been extremely happy with the results. I have gotten articles done for as low as $3 each.

Article Submitter

There are so many article directories out there like Buzzle and Ezine Articles that it can take you all week just to post articles on these sites. Initially I had spent a ton of time doing just that. However I discovered Article Submitter later on and have been using it since.

Article Submitter has saved me all kinds of time and hassle. All I do not is write an article or get one done from Elance and then load it up. Article Submitter automatically distributes the article to all the main article directories online. Itís an automated distribution tool but viral in the results it provides.

I have been able to save a ton of time and dedicate it more to completing surveys and offers and spreading the word in other ways since Article Submitter takes care of my article distribution. It has been a blessing in disguise. I strongly recommend you check it out.

Quick Tip: There is a free version that submits your article to I think about 80 or so article directories. I can't remember, it's been a while since I used the free version. Try it out and get a feel for it. Once your busniess expands and you are serious about promoting it, I recommend you upgrade to the paid version.

I currently use the paid version and my articles get submitted to over 300 directories. I can't tell you how valuable that is. It is priceless.

Creata a Squidoo Lense (or Two)

I love this website. Squidoo (Seth Rogen's newest baby) allows you to have a website on their website - if that makes sense. Sign up and start creating ďlensesĒ (fancy term for a one page mini website). You can explain your proposition and include links in the resources section for your readers to click.

I use Squidoo more to promote my website overall. However I could use is strictly to promote my affiliate marketing referral programs if I choose to. In fact, there are so many that are successfully doing so.

Launch A Press Release

An extremely powerful way to get the word out there. I would rank this just as high as article marketing. I strongly recommend you use this strategy to get the word out. A short and simple press release that takes you 10 minutes to write can reach millions of readers overnight.

One of the popular names out there PRWeb and PRLog. To make the most of this opportunity, I suggest getting a tool like Press Equalizer that will distribute your press release to several press release sites. It is definitely worth getting and has done wonders for me personally with all my marketing efforts. Read more about Press Equalizer here.

I market all my websites using this tool. Similar to article marketing, if you donít have the time, consider using a freelance writer through Elance. You can probably get a good press release done for $5-10 at most.

Unfortunately, there is no free version of Press Equalizer. However, IT IS ONE OF THE BEST INVESTMENTS YOU WILL EVER MAKE. I certainly did. I can't tell you how much time I have saved. Not to mention the instant traffic and mass distribution I never imagined possible.

Directory Submissions

Directories are a must if you have a website or Blog. Listing your link in directories helps your links rank higher on search engines. The higher you rank the more free traffic you will get from internet surfers who are looking for your website. All that for a one time effort.

You can choose to Google all the top ranking directories and list your links manually or use a directory distribution tool like Directory Submitter. I personally use this tool and havenít listed manually every since.

If you decide to list manually, keep in mind that the higher the directoryís page rank, the better it is for your links. Again, use the Google PageRank Tool to measure this credibility.

Here are some excellent resources you can use:

Free list of the strongest directories online
Another free list of strongest directories
List of 10,000 other popular web directories

My recommendation is to exhaust the lists above if you have the time. However directory submissions can be very tedious and time consuming. A very cheap alternative is to go with a specialized submission company like Directory Maximizer Service. For just pennies you can have them submit your website to as many directories as you want. I have used them quite a bit. The best part is that you can have them submit your website over a period of say 3, 6, 9, 12 or more months to spread it out.

I most recommend downloading the free Directory Submitter tool. This is an excellent free tool that allows you to save a ton of time and submit to about 350 directories. I used this a lot when I first started. Once my business grew and I got more serious I upgraded to the full paid version. However I think the free version is pretty good.

Link Bait

LinkBaiting is pretty much creating content that demands the attention. This can be done by writing strong opinioned articles, controversial content or just something completely ďoff the hookĒ.

For example, if you owned a website about Nursing and decided to write an article about why Superheroes wear their pants before their underwear you will surely attract a lot of attention. This might be completely meaningless for your website, but at least you will attract a ton of eyes to your article on which you can promote your links.

Stupid, catchy, unrelated articles tend to get social bookmarked a lot. That is exactly what you should be aiming for; a truly viral marketing attempt that can get you a boat load of traffic to your links. Hopefully you can have some sign-ups.

Create an Ebook & Market It Through Clickbank

Another very good way to promote your links is by creating an Ebook and teaching others how you were able to succeed with the program. Once you have proven the system for yourself and are making solid income, you can add another income stream by developing a short Ebook and selling it online.

It is not nearly as difficult as you may think. I was able to create mine in less than a week. That one week effort has paid me over and over again and will continue to for years to come. In fact, I have a large network of individuals that are promoting and selling my Ebook for me. You can have that too.

Look into Ebook Compiler to create your Ebook. It is a very intuitive and easy to use program that is compatible with most text editors. After you create your Ebook, read about ClickBank here and see how you can recruit others to market and sell your book for you. This is a great way of building a strong marketing force for your referral links. You will have people signing-up left and right and you wonít even know how they came to find out about your links.


Many often forget to use free tools like Craigslist. I definitely recommend you take advantage of the massive worldwide community that uses Craiglist today. You can use Craigslist to promote your referral links within the body of your advertisement.

If you have an Ebook at this point, you can certainly market it on Craigslist as well. In fact take a quick glance at my Home Page, and now imagine having a similar page on Craigslist to attract people in interested in making money online. It can truly do wonders.

Craigslist is even more effective if you have your own website or Blog. You can simply post your URL (web address) and have viewers come to your website or Blog directly to find out more about the opportunity.

Online Classified Ads

Craiglist is really a Classified Ad site. It has worked real well for me. Some of the other ones you might want to try are the following:

US Net Ads
Classifieds For Free
US Free Ads
Free Ad Post
Ads to Ad
Yahoo Classified Ads

Ebay - Sell It For A Penny! & Charge $5 To Ship

Take the same concept above and extend it to Ebay. You cannot just promote your links on EBay because you need something to sell. So here is what you do; create an article with all your referral links and a brief write-up about the opportunity. Put it up on sale for a penny and free shipping and write all about it in the eBay sales page that you create.

Like that idea donít you? Canít tell you how many sign-ups Iíve had from that strategy alone. Better yet, take your Ebook and completely slash its price down. Put it up on Ebay and see how many people are willing to buy it.

What I did once was posted my Ebook on Ebay for $.99 cents and no shipping charge. I had it listed for 7 days and sold 48 copies on my best day. Is that good thinking or what? You might be thinking that I didnít make much. You are right I didnít. In fact, I broke even after paying Ebay its fees.

But guess what? Months down the road I am reaping the rewards because companies are paying me more money because all those who bought my Ebook are successfully making good money from surveys and offers online. Think long-term.

Google Pay Per Click Advertising

Once you are making good enough money consistently, you may want to consider Google Pay Per Click advertising as well. But make sure you read about it thoroughly online before delving into it or you can loose a lot of money very fast.

Google PPC is pretty much you paying Google to advertise your link. You canít advertise your referral links so you must have a Blog or website to take advantage of this highly effective advertising opportunity.

You can experiment with a $5 a day advertising budget and tweak it as you see fit. Continue to monitor and improve your ad campaigns with time and this can certainly bring you a ton of success.

Your link will be advertised quite high on search engine search results. I am sure you remember seeing those ďsponsored linksĒ in the blue area on the top and right hand side of your searches donít you? Those are paid advertisement listings and your link can be one of them. Read online as much as you can about Google PPC before starting your advertising campaign.

If you can learn PPC and do well with it, it might be the only strategy you need to achieve your financial goals. One good resource that helped me was Pawel's Easy PPC Cash System. The entire system is only $6.95 and a very good buy for the information contained in it. You will have access to videos, audio CDs, as well as a comprehensive step by step program that will teach you more than you could expect for a $6.95 investment. My lunch costs more than that :)


An excellent resource for both making money while viewing advertisements as well as a place to advertise your own website or Blog.

This is a very unique program that pays you to view other membersí advertisements. You can then do the same by submitting your ad or links and have other members click on it to earn money. You pay only 1 cent for each click to your ad !!!

The best part is the 5 level deep referral system you can sign up for. Your credits quickly add up as the pay outs are rather generous. You can potentially advertise on Clixsense all year long with absolutely no cost to you!

Traffic Swarm

A resource dedicated to teaching you how to create ads that work. Ads that get the click. This is exactly what you want and Traffic Swarm was created just for you. You can post your websites on Traffic Swarm for free.

They also have an excellent resources on getting the click; a short PDF document that explains exactly how to create an add that works by breaking out an add into its different critical components. Make sure you download it here.

Star Referrals

This is a neat concept to quickly increase your referrals and your earnings check. You can buy, earn, and spend credits to promote your referral links. You can invest as little as $2.50 or nothing if you choose to. You can definitely earn referrals for free like I do !

There are many ways to advertise your affiliate marketing referral sites to a targeted audience (PTC sites, banner advertisements, etc) and StarReferral caters your ads to Work at Home Moms, Bloggers, Forums, Direct Sales Reps, eBay sellers and more.

StarReferrals was launched back in February 2007 and is a member of the Deal Barbie network. It is an advertising hub that you can use to quickly build your referral network. You can even refer your friends and earn 10% of their credits and paid advertisements or other services. You also earn 5% from the referrals that your friends refer. This compounding effect quickly adds up!


All of the strategies listed above work best if you create your own website or a Blog.

Instead of promoting your referral links, you can promote your website or Blog much like how I promote my website. For me, everything starts from my website. All my advertising and marketing efforts lead readers and viewers to my website.

Once they are on my website, they learn about the opportunity, about me, gain some confidence and trust and sign-up to complete surveys. They join my newsletter and continue learning about how to make more money from surveys. Some choose to grow and expand their network by using all the free information on my website.

So while I can tell you that whatever you decide to do will work for you, there is no better way to ďmake this system workĒ other than creating your own website that works.

Creating a Website or Blog That Works

A website or a Blog that works is the best way to capitalize on this wonderful Internet Money Making Opportunity. And of the two choices, building your own website is by far the best and most recommended approach to become successful making money on the Internet. Specifically, a website that advertises other referral websites can be very profitable.

I have met a ton website owners in affiliate marketing conferences that are making over $5,000 per month from their referral websites. I also met a teenager in 2006 that made $1,800 his first month of referral marketing through his website. These guys are on the low end. I know others who make five figures consistently every month.

Your own website is yours today and it will be yours tomorrow! Once you have an Internet presence it will always remain on the Internet unless you decide to take it off! What this means is that you always have a means to promote your affiliate marketing and referral programs through your website content, banners and links without having to pay anyone to do it or relying on another website that might be there today but gone tomorrow.

Do yourself a favor and invest in creating a website that works for you now, later and forever. There are 3 main ways you can do this:

Shift Code

If you want a turnkey solution to a website whose main purpose is to promote referral links, then I strongly recommend looking into Shift Code. Shift Code is the most popular and time tested name in the GPT (get paid to) website industry.

Shift Code will create a custom site for you designed to promote your referral links. Keep visiting them because they occasionally run firesales where sites sell for dirt cheap. You can sign-up with Shift Code for free!


If you want to do it yourself your own way, consider GoDaddyís website tools. This website was built using GoDaddy. GoDaddy provides you with an easy to use HTML tool to build your website.

Donít fret, you donít need to know programming. Iím not a programmer yet am able to put up websites like this and many others much better. You will have a ton of free templates to choose from.

Along with the website builder, you can also get your hosting for very cheap. You will also need a domain name and a personalized email account which are available through GoDaddy. You can read more about their products and services here.

Site Build It (SBI)

By far the best way to go about creating a website that works is by using SBIís comprehensive site building tools. SBI provides you with everything from domain, hosting, email, security features and a website builder to all the marketing and search optimization services necessary to get your site ranked higher on search engines like Google.

Personally, the extra tools that come with SBI make it worth it more than anything else and even the basic web building tools it provides. You donít need to know coding with SBI either. It is a very simple point and click program.

I currently have two SBI websites that are doing very well. There are a ton of others who are making their dreams come true with SBI. I recommend at least looking into it before you make a decision on which way you want to go.

See how others are working from home and making SBI work for them.

WordPress Blog

If you want to create a Blog instead, I recommend using Wordpress. It is the best open source Blog software available today and it is FREE! It is very easy to use and is compatible with a lot of modern technology that can be integrated into it. That said, the best way to go is still to create a website.

There are just too many disadvantages to spending your time creating a Blog rather than a website. It has always been my opinion for many reasons. Thank God to Ken Evoy, my opinion has been further validated by his recent article on Blogging vs. WebSite Building. Read it here.

Now usually I donít recommend free websites that let you create Blogs or websites. But if this is the route you want to go to promote your links, check out these free resourcesÖ

Get a Free Website Here
Get a Free Blog Here

Once you create your Blog or website, submit it to over 300 search engines.

Banner Exchanges

Once you have a Blog or website, you can participate in banner exchanges. By inserting a banner into your web page you automatically display advertisements for other members. In return, your banners will be displayed across the member network. Similar concept to Traffic Swarm except itís for banners. Check out the links below.

Exchange It
Neo Banners

One Last Word....

I have successfully been able to use each of the strategies above with very good results. That is how I have been able to come this far. I started out with one program, Cash Crate. Today I am making money from over 60 different marketing companies.

I have my own successful website (that you are reading) that gets a lot of traffic, a very successful newsletter (the one you are receiving or would hopefully start receiving), my own Ebook and a large network of individuals who are promoting my links and selling my Ebook.

I just want to remind you that you should be using each and every marketing strategy I mentioned here to grow your business. However, focusing on just one or two and consistently applying it can significantly increase your success. There are a ton of free resources online that you can read to learn everything about each one of the strategies Iíve outlined for you.

That said, no matter which strategy you use, always remember the main objective of marketing. That is to expose your reader or viewer to your referral links. If you have a website or Blog, you want to include your links in anything and everything you do.

This will ensure you get maximum traffic and exposure. The more traffic you get the more people will join your network and the bigger your checks will become. It is truly a win-win situation for everyone involved. You will be surprised how fast your business grows.

You WILL NOT make very much money your first few months doing this. But stick with it. Trust me. When your referral numbers grow, so will your earnings.

Just be persistent and work hard. You would have never imagined you could make so much money from this when you start getting the massive checks down the road. Making six figures while working online from home is not unrealistic at all within a 12 month period.

And with that said, I cannot guarantee how much money you will make. It all depends on your efforts, desire and persistence. With hard work, patience and a lot of determination, what I can guarantee you is that you will be very successful.








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