Use the existing sites online as your website promotion tools

Market your site using these website promotion tools. Marketing your website is imperative for your success on the Internet. And while I’m a big advocate of establishing your own online marketing mediums such as your own Blog and email marketing campaign, I am not opposed to using established third party resources as your website promotion tools in marketing and promoting your website. In fact, make this a part of your overall website marketing plan.

In fact, for many beginning online entrepreneurs, using third party resources as website promotion tools is often recommended as it is a safe and low cost (mostly free) way to market your website while getting comfortable of Internet marketing and learning more about online marketing tools that are available out there. There are many third party resources that have spent a lot of time and money in building their structure and becoming the big players that they are in their respective industries. So why not consider piggy backing off of these hot shots to propel your website to the pinnacle of online success?

Avenues Where You Can Simply Post (Blogs, Forums, Discussion Boards, etc)

This is probably the easiest way to leverage established online marketing mediums to promote your website. Just sit down in front of your computer and search for Blogs, Forums and Discussion Boards related to your website’s topic on a search engine like Google. For example, if your website is about Professional Table Tennis, type in “Pro Table Tennis Blogs” or “Forums and Discussions on Professional Table Tennis”. Either search should generate a good amount of resources for you. Try to pick the Forums and Discussion Boards you find on the first page of your search.

These are the websites that have done well in optimizing and marketing their respective websites to achieve such a high ranking on search engines. You want to join the best so make sure you post of the top appearing Blogs, Forums and Discussion Boards. And since these websites already rank high on search engines, they are frequently visited by search engine spiders that will eventually crawl your website as well since your information is now a part of the established websites that are already being visited frequently by search engines. There is no better way to automatically generate marketing exposure for your website than by joining existing websites that have a strong Page Rank.

Benefits of Posting

Posting on such avenues is a great way to spread the name of your website. Here you will meet others that are interested in your industry so that you can network with your peers all while marketing and promoting your website at the same time. When you are involved in discussions within these mediums, you are establishing yourself as an active participant in your industry. And if other readers like your posts you can soon develop a following and may be seen as an expert in your field. This will increase your web traffic because other readers will soon flock to your website to see some of your other work.

Join the High Rankers

As I mentioned above you want to invest your time in Blogs and Forums that rank high with search engines. So take the ones that appear on the first page of your search. Even if you come across other websites that appeal to you but were not on the first page of your search, perform a Page Rank research on them. Use this Page Rank Tool and organize the results in order of their Page Rank. The higher the PR number, the higher the rank of the website. So a PR8 would be a higher ranked website than a website that ranks PR3 or PR4. I recommend going with websites that are PR6 or above or you will be wasting your time.

Join the Active Crowd

In conjunction with your search for a high Page Rank, also perform a search on how heavy the traffic is for each website you are considering posting on. Use Alexa to gauge the traffic of each website. Heavier traffic typically reflects that the website is updated with new content on a regular basis. Spend some time on the website yourself and assess the quality of content. Ask yourself if it would be beneficial to your website to have your content among the current content of the website. A website that is active and that gets a heavy traffic is often visited by search engine robots. Your website has better chances of getting noticed if you spend your time on the heavy hitters.

Leave Your Mark

Some of these websites will allow you to leave your profile at the end of each posting and others will not. Spend most of your time on websites that allow you to leave your mark automatically. If you find yourself posting on websites that don’t allow this function, hand type your website’s information in. Just never leave a post without leaving your website’s or business’ contact information. You would simply be wasting your time when you do this. Keep reading on below for more on creating and leaving your profile at the end of your posts.

Ride the HOT Social Networking & User Generated Content (“UGC”) Bandwagon

Social networks are very hot right now and there is no better time to take advantage of these to market your website. Social networks are successful website in their own respect and they have earned their status by successfully executing the various optimization and online marketing techniques that are discussed throughout this website. What better vehicle to ride other than these very own websites?

Use every one of these that you can find to establish your brand and maintain your presence while you continuously market your website. Keep your website’s message and business philosophy and all else the same. Simply use these websites as a tool to voice your messages to the large community that these websites have built over the years. You need to 1) create a profile on the social networking site of your choice (I suggest use all of them or as many as you can) and 2) actively participate and maintain that participation periodically. Here are some good ones to consider:
  • • Ryze

  • • Stumbleupon

  • • Dig It

  • • LinkedIn

  • • The Small Business Forum

  • • Friendster

  • • Facebook

  • • MySpace

  • • Yahoo

  • • YouTube
Definitely add social networks to your arsenal of a successful website marketing campaign!

Email Lists & Discussion Groups

Email mailing lists and discussion groups are great avenues to market your website. not directly by telling everyone every single detail about your online business, but rather by participating in discussions to showcase your knowledge and then leaving your readers with a brief profile with your contact information including your website’s URL address so that they can pay you a visit in the near future.

Most people I know are part of some type of a mailing list or discussion group. Its hard not be a part of one. Just think about your alma matter and chances are you are on their alumni mailing list that they use to stay in touch with you. Right? If your answer is no, get online right now and find discussion groups and sign up for e-mail lists that discuss matters of interest to you and your industry.

If used appropriately e-mail lists and discussion groups can be a great marketing channel for you to expose your website to many other interested in the same industry. But be very careful not to spam readers with the same announcements and discussions again and again. You will find yourself quickly getting banned out of these websites when you start abusing this luxury.

Just remember to sing to the right audience. You don’t want to waste your time discussing personal tax issues and the IRS code in group dominated by pilots who would rather hear about the new turbo jet engines that are being developed in Germany. When typing your content, keep in mind the rules of the e-mail list or discussion group you are writing your post in. Every website’s rules and regulations differ and it is important to understand what you can and cannot write on a particular e-mail list or discussion group.

Be clear and genuine in the way you convey your message and do not plagiarize someone else’s content. Always give credit where due and quote material as appropriate. Not abiding by these rules will quickly tarnish your credibility and all your online marketing efforts will fire back and hurt your website.

Just because you are part of email discussion groups and such does not necessarily mean you have to open your mouth, or in this case use your fingers to type away. Don’t feel pressured as if you absolutely need to contribute something to the group. Although it’s nice and you should eventually do so, you don’t have to post if you are not comfortable. The more you participate even by reading what others have to say, the more comfort you be gain yourself.

If you have nothing major to announce regarding your online business, you can continue to partake in discussions that are taking place between others. You can provide your own thoughts and address concerns of others if you feel qualified. The world is interesting in the way it works.

Pick any given topic, there will always be teachers and there will always be learners. When the teachers move on, the learners take their place and by that time there are other learners that need to be taught. Remember, each time you post something, you are leaving your online business card so participate whenever you get a chance – your personal profile signature.

Read the discussion on email newsletter marketing if you are interested in establishing your own mailing list function (recommended). Alternatively, you can also start your own list from scratch by sending out a group email to your family, friends and colleagues communicating your intention and soliciting their interest. Those who are interested will email you back.

Gather those emails and create a group email list that you can use to send your e-mail messages to everyone at once in the future. Make sure you only include those who expressed interest in being a part of your mailing list. You can use almost any e-mail program to create a group email list.

Depending on the e-mail program you are using, you may have two different options when creating your group e-mail list. You can either create one e-mail address for the entire group that only works if you are the sender or the email, or you can create an e-mail address that anyone in the group can use to send e-mails to the rest. The choice is yours.

Participate Actively

Simply joining online discussion groups or posting in Blogs and Forums will not guarantee your marketing success. In order to get recognized and build your presence, you need to actively participate in discussion until others take notice of you. When others know your name and your expertise (which should be evident in your discussions), only then you can consider having made a difference for your website. If you are using Analytics tools, you should see an increase in your web traffic as a direct result of your marketing efforts.

Incorporate your business’ philosophy and what you stand for in your words. Reflect your personality in your voice. Your readers should be able to hear you when they read your post. This is the closest you will come to talking to someone online face to face, and it is important to establish that personal touch.

Leave Your Business Card Wherever You Go

The beauty of participating in the online marketing establishments discussed in this article is that most will allow you to create a brief personal profile that describes who you are, what you do and your contact information such as phone number and email address. If you don’t have that option, go ahead and hand type it in anyway. Never leave your wisdom without leaving your online profile behind.

Don’t abuse this capability. Only include brief, concise information that others can use to get in touch with you if they choose to do so. Always use a Link to your website if you have that option. Unfortunately not every website allows you this option. Some will allow you to include your actual URL that may look like www.jeff’ssite.com/index.html while others will allow you to set a link of your choice such as Custom Novelty Items or Jeff’s Site. In the later case, a reader can click onto your link and the web browser will take them to your website.

A good profile

Jeff – www.jef’ssite.com



A bad profile

Hello my name is Jeff. I am the founder of www.jeff’ssite.com. We specialize in the online distribution of custom made novelty items that are XYZ. Our office is in ABC and our toll free number is 1-800-123-4567. You can also contact us at jeff@jeff’ssite.com

Another cool thing about profiles is that you can incorporate brief but direct marketing verbiage within your signature without making it look very lengthy. For example, using our example of custom novelty products, you may want your profile to read as follows:

“Custom made novelty products all year long 1-800-123-4567” and turn it into a link to your website.

Some Do’s & Don’ts of Online Marketing through Third Party Established Venues

Since you will be read by the masses it is important to keep in mind some of the basic approaches to publicly posting your comments online. You don’t want to end up offending someone even on an unintentional basis. Everyone on these websites really has good intentions and are hopeful of the greater good. You will notice that people are usually nice, helpful and treat each other like good citizens of the online community, especially the local Blogging and Forum community.

Be nice

There will be times when you might not like what someone says about your post. It’s ok, this is typical. Someone might very well not like what you posted. It goes both ways. Maintain professionalism and composure. Remember you are on these websites to promote and market your website and business image. You want to stay focused and continue to provide good quality content in the form of discussions. Don’t get involved in arguments online. Proof read your material before hitting the submit post button to ensure you are not offending anyone. There is also a lot to be said about proper spelling and grammar.

Don’t be selfish

So just as everyone contributes to the greater good for all, try to do the same by not just limiting your contributions to topics initiated by you but participate throughout the website where you feel qualified to share your thoughts. It’s really a give and take relationship and ones that don’t stay fair to both ends are noticed very quickly by the community.

Listen more than you speak, or in this case read more than you write

Don’t be quick to jump the gun and open fire. Have you heard the saying that God has given us 2 ears and one mouth for a reason? Yes we should listen first and foremost before we speak. Not only is it rude to speak without listening, but it’s also risky as you image can quickly get tarnished by such activities. Basically, don’t assume you know what is being discussed and jump into the conversation. Before participating in a given discussion thread, make sure you read all the preceding posts prior to making a comment on the last post. You don’t want to look silly and loose all your credibility.

Know the rules and do NOT ever spam

A quick way of getting banned from these websites is to breach a rule of the community. Make sure you are aware of all the terms and conditions of the website before posting your thoughts. Most websites present this information at the time you sign up to ensure you are aware of the website’s policies. Unfortunately many of us skip over this section and proceed directly to the nitty gritty of the website. Don’t we? If you are unclear on something, e-mail the website’s moderator (there is usually someone dedicated to this function) and get your questions clarified, particularly as it relates to what the website considers spam.

Spamming is a very serious issue in the Internet world. The single worse thing that can happen to you online is arguably being titled as a spammer. If you take the time upfront understanding what you can and cannot do you should be ok. Whenever in doubt, always ask first before acting. It may be too late to do it the other way. So while it is ok to create a profile and leave your contact information after every post, do not go on a posting rampage just to leave your contact info all over.

No one cares about posts that have no substance so please avoid random posting at all costs. Spend legitimate time and brain energy on each post that you do. Also stay away from sales pitches and replying to posts just with the sole intention of selling to the readers. You will quickly be noticed and ignored if not kicked out of the community.


Regardless of which online marketing medium you choose, it is very important to maintain your presence through regular interaction and generating new content. The entire realm of online marketing can be summed up in just that one simple sentence. And while many big players already exist on the Internet, it may be smart to leverage their established success and use it as your website promotion tools in assisting your online business get ahead of the game.

Always remember to include a brief profile in your signature with your website’s URL address if you have one. As time progresses and as you experience any changes in your business’ direction, make sure you incorporate these changes to the profiles you have on various forums, boards and discussion groups so your readers know your current position.

This discussion is meant to expose you to the various third party online marketing options available as your website promotion tools to you. It’s not quite a full secret of website marketing, but definitely overlooked and underused. You may decide to use the strategies discussed in this article as you get comfortable with how the different online marketing tools work and later branch into establishing your own marketing mediums. Or, you may very well decide to do both concurrently, which is definitely the sure shot way to your online success.








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