Must Read Tips - Be More Effective & Efficient

I have put this summary of tips and suggestions together to make your “make money online now” experience better, more effective and efficient.

Although this list is a result of years of experience and some of the mistakes I made, I don’t believe that I should charge you for it. Remember what I told you earlier? Good karma always comes back!

Please don’t keep this a secret. Share this list with your friends and your referrals. Together everyone achieves more. When they make money, so will you.

The more they make, the more you will make. Trust me on that. These companies know how to reward the folks like you and I who help them spread the word.

You Should Get a Dedicated Email Account

Create a separate eMail account dedicated just to your online referral activity. Use this eMail when applying to websites, completing surveys and trials as well as referring others. Make sure the eMail ID you create is clean in language.

Having a dedicated eMail account will allow better tracking of your emails and account status. Switching between email accounts also increases your chance of getting approved for offers. You can create a free eMail account with Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail.

A neat tip on emails. Keep your email account open when you are filling out surveys. That way you can simply open your email as you get it and confirm! This alone will save you so much time.

You Absolutely Need Paypal

PayPal is not a survey or offer site. It does not pay you. But YOU ABSOLUTELY NEED IT and won’t be able to complete many surveys and offers without it. PayPal is how these companies will be able to send you payment. It is free to join!

The number of people conducting online transactions is growing and will continue to as the Internet reaches critical mass. PayPal is one of the easiest and FREE payments systems to join and start using and pretty much anyone can do it. PayPal also has a very good referral program in place that pays you a commission based on transactions conducted by your referrals.

Think about how big this could be. What if you end up referring a few online businesses here and there that conduct thousands of transactions online? Can you imagine the size of your checks? You make money by simply referring new users through your links and banners. Sign-up for PayPal now.

You May Research Each Company – But I Have Done That for You Already

Though I have hand picked the companies discussed on my website after thorough research, you may conduct some research on your own on the Internet to gain additional comfort over these websites. You will find many discussion threads on Blogs and Forums that talk about these websites.

But at the end of the day, you have nothing to loose when you sign up. In fact, you make instant money when you sign up. You will make $2 on average, and if you sign up for 20 websites, that is $40 instantly in your pocket.

I highly recommend signing-up with all the companies listed on my website however to take full advantage of this opportunity.

Don’t Ignore the Forums

Some of the survey sites that have been around for a while have active forums where people discuss all kinds of things. Don’t ignore these and try to visit every now and then. There is so much free information there that will help you. For example, you will know about the easiest and highest paying offers. You can also ask questions and get responses from people who have “been there and done that”.

Get a Free Dedicated Phone Number

Some of these affiliate marketing referral programs ask for your phone number. Many times their user agreements also give them permission to contact you regarding an offer. A good way to not clog up your main phone line is to sign up with a free phone service.

Check out Brring. This company offers free phone numbers with your chosen area code to mask your real number. I strongly recommend you look into it.

Use Form Fillers When Possible (Google Has a Free One)

The Google toolbar has an Auto Form filler function that will allow you to quickly fill in your personal information each time you apply for an offer or sign up for a referral program. Make sure you use this to make things more efficient for you. You can get this toolbar from Google.

Also try Roboform. You will be amazed how much time you can save. This free tool automatically fills out your information on the surveys you do.

If you do surveys frequently and want to significantly cut your survey taking time consider getting the full version of Roboform. You can cut your time down to as little as 90 seconds per survey! This will significantly improve your profits.

The full version allows you to create customized fields and instruct the software what to fill it with. This tool is truly magical and has saved me a ton of time and made me a ton of money!

Be Diligent & Honest

Provide accurate information in your surveys and evaluations. Do not try to outsmart the system by filling out the same survey with two different websites because you will get caught and your work will be rejected. You might also get flagged and banned from taking surveys and making easy money. Simply not worth it so keep it real.

Get Your Hardware & Software RIGHT Before Getting Started

Try to do all your work using Internet Explorer or Firefox. There have been some issues reported with other browsers like AOL, etc. Also, DO NOT forget to clear your cookies after completing a survey or trial offer. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!

To delete cookies, simply click on “Tool” on your Explorer browser, and then click “Internet Options”. You will see a rectangular box on the middle left of the box that pops up. It will read “Delete Cookies”. Go ahead and click this to delete your cookies.

For a quicker solution, download the FREE CCleaner tool. You will need this to quickly fill your surveys. This tool will automatically clear all cookies and tracking information from your machine. Sometimes if you don’t do this your offers do not get credited if you have been on the website before. But by using this, you will get close to 100% of your offers confirmed! Clear your cookies at least every 3-5 offers.

Learn How to Skim

When you are doing the surveys, do not read every single word. Learn how to SKIM and learn how to do it most efficiently. You can’t afford to take your time with the questions. If you do that you will find that the payment isn’t worth your time. This is all about numbers my friend. Gota be quick!

Less is More Sometimes

Look out for surveys where you are asked questions like “Which of the following products have you purchased in the past month”. Whenever you get these kinds of surveys, only pick 1 choice. Why? Because the more choices you pick the longer the survey will take to complete. Each of your selections will most often lead you to more questions. I learned this the hard way by trial and error. I used to select as many items and I found myself doing the survey an hour later. Gosh what a waste of time.

Know What You Are Doing

You must get a feel for what type of survey you are doing right away. The sooner you realize this the better. You must answer questions specifically according to the survey you are doing. Most companies will not pay you for survey that you do not qualify for. For example, if you receive a survey about Single Parents and you indicate that you are but really aren’t, then you will not qualify for payment.

Know How Much You Really Need

Some people go out there and sign up for everything they can find. Don't do this. I have given you the best of the best and you can choose from it accordingly. Like I have said before, if you are not going to do much, then focus mainly on my top ten list.

Also, never pay anyone for this information. There is no need to pay for a list of paid survey companies. Realize that the list won't do you any good. All you need are a handful of companies to make however much you desire. Trust me on this. The only reason I signed up for all is because I wanted to earn enough to show you a proof. After all I cannot tell you something works without having tried and making it work myself right?

Don’t Do the Same Offer Twice (NEVER)

Many people try to double dip by doing the same offer or survey twice at two different sites. What they forget is although two marketing companies presented the offers, the company advertising through the marketing companies is the same. If you do this both your offers will get rejected and you will have wasted time! Time is money, don’t throw it away.

If you are encountering problems getting offers approved....or simply see that you are no longer getting approved, simply go into you Roboform settings and change your email address to another email you create. If you are not using Roboform then just enter a different email address in the email field.

Keep Track of All Your Offers

The biggest payouts are in all the trial offers. If the offer you are trying has a minimum trial period, maintain a spreadsheet or word document on your computer and note the last day of the trial period on it. Keep a running tab of all your offers. I usually include the company’s contact information as well.

I recommend a spreadsheet so that you can sort the date column by the offers that are expiring the soonest. Once the date approaches, call the vendor and cancel your offer. Offers that have trial periods attached have HUGE earnings amounts! Also consider Google Calendar for a free tool to track your offers.

Go Beyond the First Page

When you first join, you might see a bunch of offers that require a credit card or for you to pay upfront. Ignore these. Many people see these and often say “heck it’s a scam” and turn away. Don’t make this mistake. There is a lot of good stuff once you scroll past the first page or set of offers. Just play around with the “sort” box and you will soon see many offers and surveys that are 100% free that pay you. These are the ones you want!

Credit Card Offers Pay You a Ton!

If you want to do one of the offers that require a credit card, you should definitely do it. They pay some of the best payouts. But here is a cool tip. Instead of using a credit card, go to your nearby pharmacy or online and get a prepaid credit card. Basically you pay them $25 and you get a card on which you can spend up to $25.

You can increase this amount. I suggest putting in maybe $100. This is the safest way to do credit card offers. Now I have been doing this for a long time and know many others who have been doing the same. I have not heard of a company scamming anyone by overcharging or charging their credit card at all. In fact, with the consumer protection laws today credit cards are the safest ways to conduct transactions. Read more about prepaid credit cards and how you can get one for free here.

Try It First Hand Before Referring Others

Spend a good couple months making money yourself from these websites. This will show you how real the process is and how easy it can be. This will also give you comfort and familiarity with each of the websites.

Once you are comfortable and have made a few hundred dollars, go ahead and start referring others to do the same and watch your paycheck grow exponentially!

To Incorporate or Not to Incorporate

This is a common question I keep getting. I recommend starting out as is by joining referral programs under your name until you get to a point where your earnings become significant.

The decision to incorporate or not to incorporate often has to do with liability protection where a corporation or another business entity may be treated as a completely separate and independent identity to you, the owner and operator of the business. What this mainly does is separates your personal assets from your business’ assets and thereby protects each in the event that you are involved in a lawsuit.

The Internet referral business is more or less pretty safe; it is straightforward in how it works and really does not involve the exposure to a liability. I mean think about it for a minute; why would any one bring suit on you if you are actively referring others so that they can make money online. All you are really doing is recommending. What anyone does from thereon is beyond your control and the vendor’s responsibility.

All this is strictly my opinion. I do recommend consulting a legal expert (lawyer, CPA) if you are at a point where you are contemplating putting your business under an independent entity’s status.

If you want to pursue this further, I strongly recommend Socrates. They have legally prepared and reviewed forms that you can get for very cheap. Personally, I have used them time and again. They have saved me thousands of dollars. I have incorporated companies, formed trusts and wills using their documents and it has never cost me more than $25 to do it.

Downloadable Legal and Business Forms

Some words of wisdom...

We are all interested in making extra cash online. I hope you have learned how to make money now, working from home or anywhere else at your leisure and for free without any financial investment. All you need is a computer with an Internet connection.

Please don’t take my words as lines drawn on stone. The opportunity is definitely there and it is available for each and every one of us. It is just a matter of execution and how each one of us does it. Like anything you take on in life, the results you achieve will depend on the effort you put in and your knowledge about the subject you are working with.

That being said, knowledge and expertise can and often is developed over time by reading, studying, researching and practicing related material. What bonds all that together is your motivation and desire. I have provided all the information you need to build that knowledge. I have even given you all the important tips and ways you can market and grow your network. It is up to you how to execute it.

I do not question your desire at all given you have gotten this far. I can only wish you a lot of success in the near future. You know exactly what it takes to get the job done and you know you have it.

Read this section on how to expand your network so that your checks can grow. This section will provide you with effective ideas on how to take your business to a whole another level.

The snowball effect of referrals

The information presented above is well and good – but the true power of referral marketing is realized when you begin to refer others to make money just like you.

Pretty much every website listed above has a referral program which allows you to earn more money by referring others to fill out surveys, try company products and provide their feedback.

To demonstrate the snowball effect, consider the following scenario: Let’s say you have managed to refer 10 people who are consistently earning $25 per month (not hard to do at all). That is a total of $250 your referrals are earning. If the program awards you 20% of that payout, you are making an additional $50 per month with no extra effort on your part.

Now that was on a small scale and you can probably achieve that within just a month or two. Think about how much money you would be earning if you referred 100 people? 200 people? 500? That is right, you could be earning $500, $1,000 and $2,500 extra cash monthly for no additional effort at all.

And we have not even considered the added payout for people your referrals refer to the program. That’s right, you make money from even the people you do not directly refer. Many of the websites listed above have second level referral programs as well as some third level program that will quickly grow your monthly earnings.

Just keep referring and watch your monthly checks snowball!!

I have also put together a comprehensive section of tips specific to CashCrate. However a lot of these can be applied to all other websites. Make sure you read this section as well. You will find it very helpful.








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