Paid Surveys - List of Top Paying Survey Sites

Below are several pre-screened and tested paid survey sites that you can sign-up with and begin making money immediately. Get paid to comple surveys, free/trial product offers and reading emails all from the comfort of your own home or “office”.

I have started with my TOP TEN LIST of the HIGHEST PAYING & MOST REPUTABLE companies. However, each and every one of the companies mentioned here is excellent. They all have very good payout rates and are easy to get approved with for FREE!

I strongly recommend joining a bunch of these survey sites (ESPECIALLY THE TOP TEN) to truly realize the potential of MAKING MONEY ON THE INTERNET. You can truly make a living online through these websites. If choose to limit yourself to just a handful, then definitely pick the TOP TEN.


# 1 - 3

The TOP THREE paying survey sites are not very well advertised (to keep costs low) and they advice that only serious people be recommended to them. That is why I have not publicly displayed their links.

They are very serious and only want qualified survey takers that are serious about making money online. They do not like wasting their time. I will send you these companies’ names in the very first newsletter I send you.

There are a few companies that work like this and I will only be able to send you their information via email. Make sure you sign-up for my FREE newsletter. These three companies alone are worth it all.

#4 Pro Opinions - An Opinion Outpost Company

Policy makers use survey research from this company to better understand public opinion and direct programs aimed at serving the public. As a Pro Opinion member, you will have a unique opportunity to help shape and influence the policies, products and services of the world around you. Through conducting survey research with professionals like you, researchers are able to find the answers they need to make better decisions in serving their customers.

#5 Greenfield Online (now Toluna) $2 PER REFERRAL

This company has been paying since 1994! You get to voice your opinions by participating in online research surveys and focus groups. They realized early on that the Internet is an ideal environment for consumers like you to speak out and be heard as you can participate at your leisure and make money in the process. What I absolutely love about this program is that they pay a flat $2 per referral! 10 referrals = $20 cash! One of the more popular survey sites amongst teenagers, but equally as popular amongst adults. You can check them out here.

#6 Nielsen's Ratings

Get paid to use a computer! Do you know all those opinions polls and survey data that come out on TV and radio? Do you know where that data comes from? It comes from Nielsen Ratings. These guys have been around since the earth was formed and for decades have provided market research and survey data to all of us. You won't believe how easy it is to make money with Nielsen. Just download their program for free and you are done. Just sit back and collect your checks. You can read more about Nielsen and how it works here.

#7 The Net Panel

A very reliable, steady and consistently high paying survey company. They have some of the best reviews out there on forums and Blogs. Always pay attention to their special offers because they run a lot of them. One thing you can always expect is a $50,000 giveaway to update your home. You can get this just by signing-up with them for free!

#8 Project PayDay

This survey site is relatively new compared to the rest. However, read their mission and they sure promise to be one of the biggest players in the industry. I have tested these guys and they sure fulfill their promises. Check out their $100 guarantee. If you don't make that much within 24 hours, they will give it to you. I am very impressed thus far. They also ran a 30 day experiment where 13 of the 14 participants made up to $2,500 within those 30 days. Sign-up with Project Payday today.

#9 Winning Surveys

Another brand new site that is paying top dollar to lure you away from the rest. Get in fast while their survey taker list is still low. You have a chance to win huge prizes every 3 months like a flat screen TV. Not to mention that they pay real well for their surveys too. There are a ton of free coupons that they give away left and right for free. Sign-up today to receive your share today.

#10 Survey Networks

Awesome company with some of the best surveys. Each and every survey is quality. You may not hear from them often but when you do the surveys are high quality with a high payout attached to each one. Very good company for someone seriously into making money online from paid surveys.



Global Opinions

Excellent global survey company open to most countries. Surveys are high quality. They pay in points but do not shy away, each point has a dollar worth. You can convert your points to dollars at anytime and have them mail you a check. These guys have treated me very well.


This is one of the money making sites, with over 700,000 members!! They have lots of different ways to make money too and a proven payment record. Industry Leader with Biggest Payouts!! 2 Referral Tiers!!! Up to 30% on first tier and 20% on second tier referrals. No one beats this!

CashCrate has very little competition, if any. You can make as much as 30% on first tier and 20% on your second tier referrals. Let?s say you have 10 first tier referrals and they are making $50. Now each of those 10 have 10 others that are making $50. Can you guess how much is that in your pocket every month?

$150 from your first tier and $1,000 from your second tier for a total of $1,150!

Now what if you had 20 and each of those 20 had 20? Yes you bet you are making over $4,000 per month!!!

With CashCrate, you can rake in money very fast and large. It has the highest payout percentage of all referral websites. Depending on your progress you can earn up to 30% for first tier referrals and 20% for second tier. This does not include the various bonuses you receive at different milestones. A common example of this is a $3 bonus every time a referral reaches $10 in earnings. This is one of my all time favorite survey sites.

Sign up with CashCrate here

Read a detailed review of CashCrate here. Some very helpful tips and strategies as well as a video demonstrating how to put what you learn into effect!

Send Earnings SUPER EASY

Instant $5 bonus upon signing up! Get paid to sit at home and complete your favorite online activities like paid surveys, searching the web, shopping online and more! Get paid to reffer others as well.  Definitely not your average survey site and I just couldn't exclude it from this list. Try it out & make $5 in the next minute.

Opinion Square ***

This company gives away $100,000 each month to one random survey taker. You never know ? it could be you! They send consistent surveys that pay well and earn you points as well that you can redeem for all kinds of prizes. This company is really fun to do surveys with. Sign-up with them to receive some real fun surveys.

LightSpeed Research Panel ***

I like the kinds of surveys they do. You can earn all kinds of rewards for your opinion. Join today and earn an entry into the $1,500 Lightspeed Prize Draw!

ECN Research

A ton of fun, excellent and high paying surveys. A ton of variety coming your way everyday. Pick and choose the ones you want to complete. You will get links to other companies that you can sign-up with as an opportunity to make money. Sign-up.

My Thought Counts

My Thought Counts offers you the chance to win a Nintendo Wii and Apple I-Phone and many other prizes. Unlike most survey sites, the minimum age with My Thought Counts is only 13. This site is owned by OTX Research who is a Top 25 Market Research firm and the industry leader in online market research.

USA Survey Panel

Make extra money while making a difference in America. This is your chance to make your opinion count in the development of products and services designed just for Americans. This service is entirely for free, no membership free is required, no catch. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain.

Opinions Outpost ***

Fun site to work with. Earn 10 Opinion Points and redeem it for $1.00! Earnings points is EASY. Great referral program that pays you $1 per referral. Make sure you sign up for it. You can get paid monthly if you are consistently making $20 or more. Excellent affiliate tracking reports that you can access at any time.

You can earn points for participating in research panels as well as taking surveys. Unlike most paid survey sites, this one pays you even if you do not complete the surveys as long as you attempt to take them. You can make as much as $5 per survey. There are surveys that also pay you with prizes and sweepstakes. Trust me, you don't want to ignore these either.

This site does not spam which I love about them. But that means I have to log in every once in a while to check out the new survey offers they have for me. They send me about 1 email every week at most. And during some weeks they don?t send me. Like with any other company, I strongly recommend you complete your profile so that they can match you up with companies looking for your profile. This way you will get targeted high paying survey offers.

The best part I like is that it is super easy to refer people because they provide you with excellent links and banners that are very enticing and effective. Sign-up with Opinions Outpost here.

Valued Opinions**

Love this site. Have made tons of $$$ from it. Valued Opinions is a service which rewards you for taking part in market research surveys. Receive up to $5 for each survey you complete, and up to $50 for completed specialist surveys!!! Your surveys will be matched to your current interests. For each survey you complete, you will receive a reward, typically between $2 and $5 and up to $50 for specialist surveys. That is a lot of money so sign-up with them here.

Give Us Your 2 Cents

This is a market research website that is encouraging you to do just that. They are looking for people from all walks of life to participate in a range of market research and opinion based surveys in exchange for various rewards. As a participant in these surveys and studies, you will help to shape the future of products and services, and at the same time stand in line to win a range of prizes, including impressive cash sums.

Survey4Profit VERY HOT

This is one of the higher paying survey sites "per survey" with consistent surveys in the $20 and $25 range. They are known to give away some of the biggest and best prices of all the survey companies. Read up their homepage and you will see some of the regular giveaways ? flat screen jumbo TVs, laptop computers and cars! What I like best about them is that their surveys are short and are quick to complete. Easy cash! Sign-up.

Fusion Cash ***

Earn up to $8 per referral! Earn $1 bonus for every referral that confirms their email. Earn an additional $2 when your referral completes their first offer and $5 bonus each time they cash out. To my surprise this is one of my subscribers' favorite survey sites. Sign-up.

Survey Savvy EXCELLENT

Savvy indeed. This is one of the most consistent survey sites I have experienced. There is no minimum with this site to collect your cash so you can cash out as much as you want. You can earn commissions from two tiered referrals so it adds up very fast. Watch out for their frequent prize giveaways as well.

Survey Savvy only does surveys. No emails, paid offers or anything else. They have a great referral program, which pays you $1 for every survey your referral completes. And since the program is two-tiered so you make money even when your referral refers someone else. This has been one of the most consistent, honest and reliable paid survey companies out there. They have been around for a while now and doesn?t seem like will be going anywhere soon. You can count on a solid $2 per survey each time you see them in your email inbox. Start taking surveys with Survey Savvy here.

Deal Barbie Pays

Deal Barbie has tons of free offers, and is always running different contests!! This site can be one of your biggest money makers.

Get Paid Just to Sign Up! Make money from up to 3 Referral Tiers!!! 15% earnings on first tier referrals, 3% for second, 2% for third and an instant $5 the minute you sign-up!

Deal Barbie Pays has tons of free offers, and is always running different contests!! This site can be one of your biggest money makers. I have made a lot of money from this referral site, however my favorite part is the contests and bonuses that come by quite frequently. The best part is that not only the winner gets the prizes and bonuses. The runner-ups also get rewarded.

You also can earn ?signs? which can be cashed for gift cards and money based on your choice. There are a ton of offers you can choose from. This program is organized well and all options are categorized for navigation ease. How you choose to receive payment is also quite flexible.

Read a detailed review of Deal Barbie here.

Craving Cash

This one has added lots of new offers. This is one of the best sites to join.

Get Paid $3 Just to Sign Up! Make money from up to 3 Referral Tiers!!! 15% earnings on first tier referral, 5% on second and 2% on third. Healthy percentages = healthy earnings. Sign-up.

Treasure Trooper

Great earnings payout of 20% on your first tier referral! 5% for second! These guys have a huge list of Fortune 500 companies on their website that you can click on to shop with. Each time you shop with them, you will get a rebate check in the mail.

This is like getting a big discount from Best Buy or WalMart from the comforts of your own home. You save time, driving, gas money and get a big discount on top of that. You can do this for all the stores you usually shop from. Not to mention you get 20% from your first tier referrals. That is huge. Sign-up to get the treasures now.

Special Surprise: For every $5 you save, you receive 1 platinum coin that you can redeem at Mabutu's Hutt for all kinds of gifts and prizes. You will love what you see at the Hutt. Once signed-up, click on "Cash Shopping" on the left side of the home page. TreasureTrooper will send you a rebate check once you save at least $20. Mabutu's Hut certainly makes TT one of the unique survey sites.

Read a detailed review of Treasure Trooper here.

Cash Lagoon

Get Paid Daily! 3 tier referrals and high payouts! 15% on first tier referral earnings, 15% of your second tier referral's 15% and another 15% on the second tier's earning from the third tier referral! Your referral check will add up and grow so fast you wouldn't know what hit you. Sign up.

Read a detailed review of Cash Lagoon here.

American Consumer Opinion Panel

You won’t hear from this company much, but when you hear it would most likely be a good match. American Consumer Opinion is a solid company and does exactly what it title says. They pay all the way up to $50 per survey so you don’t want to miss out signing up for this one. $10 to cash out with balances carrying forward. Excellent paid surveys site. Sign up here.


This marketing firm has over 300 companies in their network that offer some of the highest pay-outs for surveys completed. This site is especially good if you love to shop (like me!!) Not only do you make money from surveys, but you also get cash back if you buy through their site. You don't have to. But don't you get toilet paper and toothpaste from the grocery store every month? Why not order those same brands online for much cheaper? And you get a big rebate too! You can also earn points (can redeem for CASH and gift cards) by taking surveys, visiting websites, playing trivia, etc. One of the most diverse survey sites. Sign-up.


Even 13 year olds can join. Membership into the panel is free, and NPD rewards members with entries to win their daily, monthly and quarterly cash drawings. In addition, US members can also participate in a sweepstakes program called SweepLand where panelists earn points for completing eligible surveys. Sign-up.

Anything Free 4 You

Get Paid Just to Sign Up! 1 Referral Tier. This referral website pays 10% for first level referral tiers. Sign-up.

Bowling For Cash

Get Paid Just to Sign Up! Make money from up to 3 Referral Tiers!!! Make 10% on the first tier, 5% on second and 2% on third. Sign-up.

Cash Duck

3 tier referral system! Make 10% on first tier, 2% on second and 1% on third tier. All kinds of other bonuses and surprise offers. Definitely sign-up for this one!

Deal Barbie Pays Fast

Make money from up to 3 Referral Tiers!!! High frequency of payment (collect a check 3 times a week) 15% payout of first tier referrals, 3% on second and 2% on third. A Deal Barbie company so make sure you sign-up.


One of my favorites! Ebates pays a flat $5 referral for your referrals and their referrals as well. For example, if you refer 5 people, you will earn (5x5) $25. If each of those 5 refer 5 more, you will earn an additional $125 for a total of $150. How hard is it to refer 5 people? You can imagine the potential. Ebates sends you a check once you have earned at least $5.01 or every quarter (3 months) regardless of how much you have earned till then. Sign-up.

International Offers

3 tier referral program. 15% tier one, 3% on tier two and 2% on tier 3! What more can I say? You have seen enough of these by now and you know you should sign-up. It is very easy money you can’t pass up.

Jill's Click Corner

10% earnings on referrals! Payout minimums are very small so you can pretty much collect your check anytime you want. Jill’s Corner has a paid to click option as well – the easiest way to rake in the cash. Sign-up.

Make That Dollar

20% earnings on referrals! Minimum payout of only $1 for PayPal. You can also request a money order or payment through Visa gift card. Earn 7% of your referrals’ earnings and 5% from any advertisement or upgrade purchases. Another referral site that pays you a ton after just a handful of referrals. Sign-up.


MrRebates is up there with CashCrate. With MrRebates, you earn 25% in rebates for your shopping online. You will buy the products anyway, might as well get paid for it right? This is exactly the mentality that makes a lot of people a lot of extra cash. When you refer others to save money, you get rewarded through additional commissions.

MrRebates is extremely easy to navigate and to sign up with. Once you have signed up (takes 1 minute), you can login and start shopping online. All the brand names will be displayed to you and the discount % that you are entitled to receive as a rebate.

Think about all the monthly shopping you do for your household? Everyone needs toilet paper, soap, shampoo and even food, etc. So why not shop online where it is not only more convenient (you save time and gasoline!), quicker and cheaper, but also rewards you in rebate checks. Refer others to do the same and your checks will snow ball before you even know. This ads up very fast!

One of the highest commission rates. 20% on your referrals! MrRebates and CashCrate are the two highest paying programs. MrRebates also allows you to earn cash back from major retailers when you shop online. A rebate and earnings check is mailed to you when you reach a minimum of $25 in savings and earnings combined. Sign-up.

Rock Hard Cash

SquishyCash owns this company and it has a similar 3 tier referral system. Your checks will grow before you even know. 20%, 5% and 2%. Add that up and you are looking at some serious monthly checks. Sign-up now.


A big fan favorite! 3 tier referral system with all kinds of variety and a ton of promotional offers. Many earn more money during these promotions and contests than they do on a monthly payout basis. Make $3 when you sign up! 20% on first tier referrals, 5% on second and 2% on third. That is huge money. Sign-up now.

TikTik Cash

Want to make cash real fast? Definitely sign-up with TikTik. You will make $5 the minute you sign-up and more if your referrals sign-up. You then get paid for certain emails they send you that you read. Don’t worry it is 100% safe and no spam or viruses. This is great for video game fanatics too. You get paid to play games. You can also get paid to read emails $1.30 per referral which is one of the best rates in the industry as you probably already know!! Make sure you sign-up for this fun and high paying one.

Your Actions Pay

Look at this!! 30%!!!! 10 tier referral system and an instant $1 when you sign up! Just pure raw dollars!!! You make 30% on your first tier, another 30% on your referrals earnings and so on and so forth. Excellent payout potential!! Have you seen another that pays this much? They are hard to come by. Sign-up to make your first dollar this very minute.

Paid Survey Sites I Do Not Recommend

These survey sites are on this list because I had tried them at one point and they 1) either closed my account without notifying me and eating up all my profits or 2) have just gone out of business. You don't want to do business with a site that is here today and gone tomorrow right?
  • Ecash
  • Fairy Tale Treasure
  • Cash Back Spot
  • Inbox Dollars
  • Gangster Greed
  • PayCage
  • My Cash Honey








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