Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions I have gotten from you over time. Something that is so easy, fun and exciting always comes with skepticism.

I want to make sure you have no doubts left after reading this short and simple website in its entirety. Feel free to Contact Me with any additional questions that are not already addressed in this section.

Isnít it illegal for companies to solicit feedback?

Not if they are paying you and not if you are seeking them out instead of them bugging you. See this is not telemarketing where you get random calls at home. These companies are not allowed to spam you and that is why I am here; to tell you about them.

It is up to you to sign up to receive their offers and surveys if you want to make money online. They will only send you this information when you sign up with them. You can also opt-out from their offers at anytime, much like you can opt-out of my email newsletter anytime you want with a simply mouse click.

Where is the money coming from? How are companies able to pay up so easily?

Hard to believe isnít it? I didnít either until I tried it. I made my first $100 within the first hour. And now I can make up to $300 a day part time.

Companies have trillions of dollars set aside for advertising and marketing. Their mail goal is to understand what consumers want so they can focus on making products to fit the demands.

The only way companies can get fresh feedback is by asking you directly. They know your time is valuable so they make sure they pay you good money to take some time out to give them your feedback.

How do I know this is legitimate?

You donít! That is why I have created this website. To provide you with ONLY the legitimate companies that pay according to their promises. Each company is screened and tested.

Pick up any marketing journal and you will learn that millions of companies each year pay specialty marketing research firms to find out what consumers like you and I want and need. It doesnít just stop there. These marketing research firms are paid to find out what we desire and require in the products and services we purchase.

Can you see how this is legitimate now? By providing companies with your opinions about their products and services, you are answering all of their questions for them. They are willing to pay you for your valuable time and feedback because it gives them an advantage over their competition.

How many surveys and focus groups am I allowed by each company?

The more surveys and focus groups you do the more you make. You will also get some paid emails where you get paid for simply reading the email. Amazing isnít it?

In a nutshell, there is NO LIMIT to how much you can do and earn. You can sign up with as many companies as you want.

Be prepared to get bombarded with all kinds of money making email offers. I suggest signing up for all companies on this site. The more you sign up with, the more money making opportunities you will get in the mail. The same goes for focus groups and paid emails.

If you do this long enough, there will come a time where you can pick and choose what you want to do among the many offers you will get every day. At that point it makes sense to fill out a survey that pays you $12 instead of one that pays you only $2. You will also see a snowball effect in your monthly checks from your referral network.

How long does it take to complete a survey or focus group?

Most surveys are multiple choice questions where you can simply click on a button and select an answer. In fact I donít remember ever typing anything. It is simply point and click. Surveys can be as short as 5 questions and as long as 20 or more. Bigger surveys pay you in the double digits. They donít take long at all however.

Focus groups on the other hand can be in person or over the phone. They can last up to an hour and as little as 15 minutes. Just depends how fast you get through it. The payouts are typically higher however. On average I have made about $100 for every hour of participation in every survey group I have gone to.

You will be given all of the information before you even sign-up so you will know whether you can commit to it or not. Remember, this opportunity is not about them, but it is all about you and your convenience!

What kinds of questions do I have to answer?

You donít have to answer anything you donít want to. But these questions are quite general and not personal. So donít worry. You wonít be giving anyone your bio data lol. These are questions to gauge your preferences. For example, you might be asked where you prefer to eat on Sunday nights or what shampoo you like to use for your hair type.

Again, the whole idea behind the questions is to get your feedback and opinion on how the company should design, create and market their products and services.

How will I be filling out the surveys and what are focus groups like?

Times have changed and you no longer have to ďfill outĒ surveys with paper and ink. All surveys will be conducted online and you will be notified of opportunities via email. Now if you are trying out a product you will have to make a trip to the post office, or simply wait to have it delivered at home.

All shipping and handling will be prepaid by the company. When you are done testing out the product, you simply keep it! Remember what I told you about paying. If anyone asks you to pay, simply say NO and run away as fast as you can. Never ever get sucked into paying up for information you can get for free!

Focus groups on the other hand are typically conducted in person. You will have to go to a place usually near your home and get together with several other individuals that also have been selected by a marketing research company.

Together you will discuss a given topic or evaluate a particular product. You are expected to simple share your feedback and opinion and discuss them with the other members of the group while the marketing firm collects data.

Focus groups are not always held in person. Many times these sessions can be held online or over the phone. I personally love these events. They are fun, exciting and you meet a lot of cool people from all walks of life. Best thing is that you can make more than $100 per hour. While you are there, many times you will be provided with food and drinks for free!

Are these companies looking for specific type of people?

Yes they are. Your type! There are all kinds of people in this world and there is always something to be learned about everyone. You donít need to act like someone you are not. Simply fill out each profile to reflect you and your lifestyle.

Always provide honest and consistent information (gender, age, income level, race, location, etc.). You will get bigger and better offers as companies learn more about you overtime. You will eventually get selected surveys targeted to your profile that come with big monetary rewards.

I am very busy but would like to do this in my spare time. Can I?

Of course you can! You donít have to set aside X hours every Y days at all. All offers will go to your email inbox. Simply check mail whenever you get a chance and complete as many offers or surveys as you desire or have the time for. You can always continue the next day, week or month. That is the beauty of this opportunity.

How much money can I make?

A ton! ReallyÖIt might not look like it at first as you will make a dollar here, five dollars there and ten dollars here. But wait until you get bombarded with the heavy offers. You will only get these after you have been doing this for some time.

Companies want to make sure you are serious and legit just like you want to make sure they are. Also, with the passage of time companies learn more about you and can send you surveys which are very specific to your experiences. These come with big dollar rewards.

Some people earn $50 per month while others earn $600 per month. There are some that earn over $3,000 a month. It is not that hard to imagine at all. Think about it, it is very easy for you to make $500 per week doing surveys, product trials and focus groups yourself. Heck I have undershot that amount significantly.

So letís just say you make $2,000 a month ($500 every week). Now if you tell ten friends about this opportunity and they do the same, the company will pay you 10% of the amount of your referral earnings. That is an additional $2,000 per month in your pocket.

If you tell 20 friends, you may $4,000 extra per month. You make this amount whether or not you are working yourself. If you choose to continue doing surveys and groups, you can add your $2,000 monthly earnings for a total of $6,000 per month. Now you see how easy it adds up? It is not hard to refer 20 people at all!

What about taxes? Do I have to pay them?

Technically yes. If you are allowed to work in the United States, you will be obligated to pay income taxes. Unlike your paycheck from work, no tax will be taken from each check you get from the marketing company. Instead you will get a 1099 at the end of the year detailing your earnings for the year.

Now keep in mind that a 1099 is generated only if you make over $600 in a calendar year (January to December). The reason most people sign-up with as many companies as possible is to spread their income amongst all companies (I cannot divulge more information I am sorry).

I am not qualified to provide accounting, tax, or other legal advice. I can only tell you how I file taxes. I gather all the 1099 forms that I receive and include it on my tax return as ďMiscellaneous IncomeĒ.

Always consult your CPA/Accountant for further information on this topic. This is particularly important if you are not authorized to work in the United States but are allowed by companies to fill out their surveys.

How old do I have to be to do it?

18 & up and you are good to go. If you have children make sure you mention that in your profile. Why? Because childrenís opinions are hard to come by for these companies. They are willing and ready to shell out serious cash for your childís opinions. Companies are also very much interested in the opinions of teenagers in your household so make sure you include this information (childís age, gender, etc.) in your profile.

Will I get paid per hour?

This depends on the company who offers you the survey, product trial or focus group. Usually though, surveys and product trials are a fixed payment. The focus groups however pay by the hour or session.

But that is not all the ways you get ďpaidĒ for your feedback. You can also get selected special coupons, discounts, free products and special prizes. Receiving a free Ipod or a set of DVDs is not too uncommon.

How soon can I get started?

Immediately! In fact many (if not most) of these companies I have listed on this site will pay you just for signing-up with them. After you sign-up, you can be getting survey and product offer emails in your inbox within minutes. You will see a flood of them after having signed-up with a few companies.

Who should I expect to pay me for my surveys?

You will have your own personal account with each company you sign-up with. Each time you complete a survey or read a paid email online, your account will be credited with the promised value of the survey or email.

You can have these funds released to you either through PayPal, wire or check payment. You will be paid directly by the marketing research firm conducting the survey or focus group. Products and other special prizes will also come from these same companies. It is a good idea to Sign-up for a free PayPal account before signing-up with the survey companies.

How can I make a lot of money?

I recommend you focus on three things:

1) Sign up for many survey companies as you can. The more companies you sign-up with, the more surveys you will be offered and the more money you will make. You will get so much that you wonít have the time to do them all. This is exactly what you want! Why? So you can focus on all the fun and high paying ones.

2) Tell as many others as you can about this opportunity. Who wouldnít want to make money from their computer while sitting at home at their convenience? Exactly! The more people you tell the bigger both your and their checks will grow.

3) Read the section on this website about how to grow your network and your checks. This section will give you the specific step-by-step details on how to grow your checks by reaching a wider population that you can share this opportunity with.

Who are you and why should I listen to you?

I am a corporate professional making well into the six figure salary mark but yet I choose to be an Internet Entrepreneur in my spare time. There is no better way to make easy and quick money than over the Internet. The best part is that it is residual and passive in nature.

Once you have done this for some time, you will start receiving automatic checks without having done any work because of all the others you have taught how to make money online by doing surveys, product trials and focus groups.

I have created this website to tell you about this opportunity. I will never charge you a dime for anything, and neither should any of the companies listed on my website. I have also screened and personally tested each company to ensure they are legitimate and pay according to their promise.

This website is updated each time I become aware of a new marketing company offering surveys and product trials. I will screen it first, research it and test it. I will only list it here after it meets my tests and I actually receive a check from them.

I will be sending you the latest information through my newsletter as well as posting it up on this website. So sign-up for my newsletter to make sure you are the first to find out about all the latest and greatest companies willing to pay you top dollar for your feedback and opinion.

Sign-up for my free newsletter to start getting valuable tips and information on how to start making money online immediately! You can also access the best survey sites all on this website.








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