How to Make Your Website

Step by Step Instructions for Beginners!

Hi, I have dedicated this full blown section to teach you how to make your website with step by step instructions just for beginners.

This is the third and final sub-section of my website. I first started with how to make money online with paid surveys. Because of popular demand from site visitors I then studied and wrote about other ways to make money online from home without any investment. And finally, a section that teaches how to take your current earnings and just multiply them exponentially by leveraging easy technology!

Why did I decide to create this section in a make easy extra money online website? Well 1) because so many readers and blog and newsletter subscribers realize the power of referrals and earning commissions from people you refer to make money online programs and 2) these same folks emailed me non-stop for months asking how they can take advantage of a website or blog to make a lot of money online.

Owning your own website or a blog is by far the best way to make money online. If you have done well (or not so well) with paid surveys online or the other free money making opportunities I have written about on this website, you know that you can multiply your earnings 10 folds and even more if you have your own blog or website. So this is where I come in.

“Do you have a website? Common question these days isn’t it? Whether you’re an individual or a company, having an online presence has become a status symbol today…and for many, a necessity; it is their single source of livelihood.”

If you have followed me closely, you know that I am no techie geek. I don’t know how to program. I was exactly in your shoes not long ago. I can argue that I still don’t know anything today except the basics, which I am here to teach you step by step in easy English.

So – welcome to How to Make Your Website! Your one stop, step by step comprehensive guide as a beginner to creating a site, optimizing it and then marketing it to success on the Internet. Here you will learn everything you need to know to establish an online presence by creating your own site, optimizing it to make it search engine friendly and then marketing it to get it the traffic it needs to succeed online.

Regardless of what online success means to you, whether it is making money online or simply getting as many visitors to see your creation, you will find many discussions on various website related topics with detailed step-by-step instructions on how to become successful on the Internet.

My goal is to provide you with all the facts necessary before you get started with your online venture, whatever it may be. You will also learn about several resources, many of which are completely free, and that I have personally used throughout my experience with site building and having multiple presences on the Internet over the years.

Read about my first attempt to create a presence online, where I talk about my struggles and what I have learned over the years. Had I known what I know now I would have done many things in differently. You will quickly see that you too can get a presence online with the free information and sophisticated tools that you have readily available today.

I do NOT want to convert you into a programmer or teach you a coding language. In fact, I do not know how to code myself other than some very basic HTML (Hypertext Markup Language). Rather, I want you to spend your time doing what you do best, whether that is selling your product, providing quality information or simply working online as a hobby. Thanks to today’s technology, you can do any and all of that at more ease than ever before, all without needing to know a single line of code.

I promise you that you will never have to pay a dime for any of the information you find here. It’s just one way to keep the barriers between you and online success to a minimum. So what should you do to get on the information superhighway we know today as the Internet?

Bookmark this webpage now! Keep coming back to learn more each time and I can guarantee your success online.

Many have successfully launched their websites after reading the information provided here. The information is clear, concise and very practical in that someone can get started immediately after spending some time learning the basics. I have not found any other site online that provides this kind of information that is geared toward a beginner.

Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to find simple, clear and practical information that will get you started in whatever you want to do. All the information on this site is organized in order of a website’s progression from “concept to website”. There is also a search function on every page that will allow you to find any topic you want.

I will also be actively discussing recent trends in ecommerce as well as the many struggles most people face that I learn through questions that I receive from you through email. I will be doing this through my Blog. So sign up for the RSS feed, which will automatically notify you of new content on my Blog. This will ensure you don’t miss anything.

A successful website developer and marketer once said that if you learn as much as you can about what you are about to do, then you will definitely be successful. If you are reading this then you are here for a reason. I congratulate you on taking your first step.

Good luck to you. Visit often and stay in touch. I am very much interested in your upcoming success story. Send me your website's address once you have created an online presence so I can check it out and don’t hesitate to Contact Me at any time.

Below is an abundance of first hand information from my experiences that will get you to where you want and need to go.


So Why Create a Website to Begin With?

Why create a website? Interesting question. I don't think it's an option anymore these days is it? Everyone and their puppy dog wants, and sometimes needs a website!

Learn How to Make a Website Here

This “How to Make a Website Quick” discussion will get you online in just 10 minutes!

DO NOT Create a Free Internet Website

A comprehensive discussion on why not to create free Internet websites. Free websites will hurt you more than they will help. Learn why in this section.

Make Your Own Website

Learn how to make your own website with ease with step by step instructions. Know the facts and get started today with this high level overview.

Creating a Free Website - Advantages & Disadvantages

A summary of the advantages and disadvantages of creating a free website.

Should You Hire a Web Developer or Do It Yourself?

To hire a web developer of to do it yourself? Read this discussion and understand the facts, advantages and disadvantages of each option and which way you ought to go.

Website Building Tools (Domain, Hosting, HTML Editors, etc)

This section provides a one stop summary of the key website building tools you need to make your own website and get online.

Use the Tools Above and Build a Website of Your Own Today

Learn how to build a website with this easy to follow, step-by-step comprehensive guide discussing the steps involved in the process in detail.

Brainstorming & Developing Your Site Concept

Can’t think of website ideas? Already have one and want to go from concept to website? Developing your site concept can be challenging for some and extremely easy for others.

Making Sense of Websites

Making sense of websites may initially seem simplistic. And it can be. However, it’s a whole another world once you get involved with the nitty gritty.

Your Website's Success

What is the true secret to your website success? Creating a site, optimizing it, submitting it to search engines and marketing it great. But do you understand what will make your website withstand the test of time and become successful?

The Online Visitor's Behavior

You know your local city well enough to go anywhere and find the store you want. But on the Internet the whole world is at your fingertips. A lot of that is strange unfamiliar territory isn?t it? And truth is, a lot of it is plain garbage. Web surfers are sick and tired of wasting their time on useless garbage websites.

Website Domain

Choosing Your Domain Carefully

Choosing domain names before thinking out your website concept raises the question did the chicken come before the egg or was it the other way around?

The 411 on Website Domain Registration - How to Choose and Purchase Your Identity Online

Website domain registration - the first step to getting online after you have planned out your website concept.

Getting the Best Domain Possible - The Concept of Domain Optimization

Not much is talked about around domain optimization. Often underestimated, your website domain name is a critical component of your success online. So engage in an optimal domain strategy and do well.

Learn The Importance of Your Website Domain Name

Begin your website name search after reading this discussion on the importance of your website domain name and its importance to your online success.

When to Lay Loose With Your Website Domain Name?

Know when to lay loose with your website domain name and not spend too much time on it - the exception to the rule.

Domain Forwarding

What is domain forwarding? Learn all about it here and how it improves your search engine optimization results.


Hosting A Website

Learn the different types of websites & the appropriate hosting requirements appropriate for each.

Choosing a Web Host

Choosing a web host can be tricky. But no matter what the purpose of your website is, what good is it if no one can find it online? After all there are only 600 million other websites that you are competing with.

Design & Usability

Focus on Purpose and Design a Website Efficiently

It is important to design a website efficiently to make the most effective use of your most limited resource, time.

Build A Website

This hands-on guide on how to build a website focuses on webpage creation, linking webpages and uploading your website to your server.

The Goal of Web Design

When to say enough and move on? When your goal of website design is met! Don't spend countless hours fidgeting with your website design.

How Do Your Visitors Use WebPages?

How you use webpages might be drastically different from how your visitor interacts with them. You are a Webmaster (or aspiring one) and your visitor is your reader.

Using Mouseovers on Your Website

Mouseovers are movements in website elements when you place your mouse pointer over it. Learn how this can improve search optimization on your website.

How to Arrange Your Webpages

How to arrange webpages is not as popular of a question as it should be in web design forums and other similar avenues.

Do You Enjoy Staring at Webpages? Do You Think Your Visitors Do?

Do Your Visitors Enjoy Staring at the Webpage Screen? There is breaking news for you on webpages. Find out in this section.

Website Design Tips - The Importance of Web Design to Your Website

This Website Design Tips discussion focuses on the importance of web design in establishing your website and building a brand online.

Design Your Website for the Human Visitor First

Website Usability should be your first priority in website design. It is said that you have approximately 7 words and 3 seconds to capture someone?s interest on the Internet.

Streamline Your WebPages with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

The use of Cascading Style Sheets or CSS is leading a revolution in the way web design is known to us. Learn about this popular and growing technology that can streamline your WebPages and make your life a lot easier.

Website Design Review - Avoid Common Website Design Mistakes

Tune into this website design review to avoid some of the most common website design mistakes.

Website Accesibility - A MUST

Website accessibility! Are you kidding? I am sure you have heard that businesses like WalMart need to make their stores accessible to EVERYONE, big or small, rich or poor, able or disabled. Read more!

Most Websites are Average. Make Sure Yours Isn't!

Why are most websites average, if that? There are plenty average websites all over the Internet. Not because creating a website is difficult, but because most website designers don?t have knowledge of the proper approach to site building.

Simple Web Design Fundamentals

Why do I have such a simple web design? It’s a very good question worth discussing.

Tips to a User Friendly Website

The best tip I can give you to create a user friendly website is to keep things real and simple. Beauty lies in simplicity. That proverb has not changed in decades.

Designing a Webpage

Designing a webpage is a fun exercise (to me at least). I get to play a split personality and think with my visitor’s brain and see from their eyes. Why? So that I don’t get too bogged down with what I want to do on the webpage.

The Purpose of Good Web Design

The purpose of web design is two tiered, one to create a visible webpage for your visitors to visually see and the other is for your webpage to communicate with your user.

The Sacred Rules of Good Web Design

What is the most important rule of web design? Is it to make it as flashy as possible? Or is it to make it as simple as possible? I don’t think it’s either. The answer depends. It depends on your website’s purpose.

Microsoft Front Page!

Do you remember Microsoft FrontPage? Yes the good ole’ Microsoft HTML Editor that was around for what seemed like decades! It's now dead :-(

Simple Website Design - Key to Success

Simple web design = win-win designer & website visitor relationship. If you have seen that equation before I can tell you that it is very true. Look at the design of this website. You are here aren’t you?

The Habit of Scanning Webpages

What’s the number one activity most performed online? Scanning webpages! That is right; no one really reads webpages in their entirety. Rather most people just scan.

Web Design Basics

In this rapidly growing Cyberworld, Webmasters are forgetting the web design basics that are critical to a visitor’s experience on a website.

The Right Amount of Website Design Fee to Charge

How much should you charge for your web design fee? Now that you know how lucrative it can be to design websites for others, you need to figure out how much you will charge for your services.

Brand Your Website - Get A Nice Logo For Cheap

Brand your website with a beautiful customized logo and not break the bank at the same time. This new company caters to the online business owner. Free to use.

HTML Editor

HTML Editors - Learn All About the Basic Building Block of the Web

HTML editors are tools to build a website. You don't need to know HTML code as most of them are easy to use with point and click technology.

FREE HTML Editors - Just for You!

If you are just starting out with creating website, use the free HTML Editors recommended here until you get more comfortable with webpage design.

FREE HTML Color Chart

This HTML color chart has 205 HTML color codes & how they look on the web browser. Consider this HTML table for your website’s background color as well.

Website Content

Why Writing Good Website Content is Important

Learn about the importance of writing good website content and what you can do to take advantage of the most important search engine optimization strategy.

Prevent Content Theft & Copyright Your Website

Duplicate content has plagued the Internet. Don't fall prey to this dirty practice.

Website Content Development - Effective Writing For Your Website

This section on website content development provides some guidance on how to effectively write for your website.

Writing Effective Copy

Writing effective copy for your website is critical – Get some quick tips here.

Outsourcing Your Website Content

When does outsourcing website content make sense? Learn all about it here, the best and most effective approach to efficient content building.

The Right Approach to Website Content Design

Plan your website content design like a presentation. Involve your website concept and design your webpages to contribute to one main theme.


Search Engine Optimization Fundamentals

Search Optimization is the basic building block of your success online. Read this section to learn how to increase your website?s visibility on the Internet.

Tips on Increasing Web Presence

This pocket guide will help you in increasing web presence. Most of a website’s traffic is generated from search engines; so follow these tips as you develop your website to ensure maximum search engine exposure.

Watch Out for Search Engine Optimization Scams!

Read this Search Optimization Scam discussion to avoid being tricked into paying unnecessary search engine optimization fees.

Optimizing Your Website for Search Engines

Learn about Organic vs. Paid search engine exposure.

Learn Search Engine Optimization Techniques

So you’ve been online for a few months now, or even over a year and have noticed no significant improvement in your organic search rankings. You have tried marketing your website and have noticed from your web analytics that most of your traffic is coming from everywhere but the search engines. So what to do?

The Major Search Engines

So you have submitted your website, but how do you know if you are indexed in the major search engines?

Increasing Your Search Engine (or Google) Page Rank

Everyone gets bogged down with the thought of increasing page rank. Is it really that important? What is page rank and how does it apply to you as a website owner?

Get Your Website Indexed in No Time

In order to get your website indexed by search engines, you first have to submit to search engines. Learn how you can do that most effectively and efficiently.

Search Engines and Directories

Search engines and directories are the main resources web surfers go to for their needs. Engines and directories are databases of millions of websites and Blogs on the Internet that provide valuable information pertaining to search terms keyed in by Internet users.

Optimizing Your Website Just for Search Engines

Online Search Engine Optimization (“SEO”) is pretty much just tweaking your webpages so that they are more search engine friendly. The more search engine friendly they become, the higher search engines will rank them and the more website traffic you will get as a result.

Using Search Engine Optimization Software

Learn about the best FREE search optimization software available today that you can use to drive more traffic to your website and effectively manage your link building campaign.

Getting More Website Traffic

Learn the best strategy to get more website traffic and avoid all the barriers and detours along the way. Stick to this simple and very effective solution.

Building Website Traffic

Building website traffic is critical to your success online. You have heard me say so many times that without traffic even the best website is useless. Traffic is what fuels a website?s success at the end of the day.

Submitting Your Website to Search Engines

Once you have successfully built your website, it is time to submit to search engines. Submitting your website to search engines is critical to your online visibility. If you do not submit to search engines, your website might go undetected for a very long time.

Learn From the Common SEO Mistakes

While there is a lot of good info on SEO on this website, this discussion focuses on SEO mistakes many make as a result of either not knowing or easily getting carried away while cranking out webpages left and right.

2 Key SEO Tools You MUST Have

This discussion on SEO tools sheds some light on 2 key factors that Webmasters evaluate when getting involved in a link exchange program with another website. These are a website’s Alexa and Google Page Rank.

Creating Search Engine Friendly Webpages

Search engines are your allies, not your foes. It’s important to create search engine friendly webpages to work with search engines and not against them.

Enhance Your Website's SEO For Free With This Neat Tool

Check out this excellent FREE service to enhance SEO using only your headlines. BlogReach can be an excellent search engine optimization tool. Read further how you can take advantage.

Keyword Research

Keyword Search Optimization - Choosing the Right Keyword

Keyword Search Optimization is a critical step in search engine optimization. Read this discussion to learn about the best keyword optimization tool and how to use it to choose the right keyword for your WebPages.

Read About Wordtracker - The Most Effective Keyword Research Tool

Find out all about the most effective keyword optimization tool Wordtracker. There is no need for special Adsense optimization programs or fancy search optimization software.

Read About the Features of Wordtracker. What All Does It Entail?

Read this section to learn about the features of Wordtracker, arguably the best keyword optimization tool in the search optimization and Internet industry.

Read About the Many Benefits of Wordtracker

This discussion focuses on the benefits of Wordtracker. Read how the best keyword optimization tool can impact your cost, efficiency and traffic forecasting as it relates to your website.

Choosing Good Keywords to Help Your SEO Efforts

Good keywords are important to your website’s success. Many Web Developers crank out webpages left and right without keeping keyword optimization in mind. DO NOT MAKE THIS MISTAKE!

Free Keyword Density Tool

Learn about keyword density, what it is and how to use it to your advantage. Also learn about the best keyword density analyzer tool out there to help you maximize your performance.


Writing Effective Copy for Your Website Is Critical - Some Quick Tips

Get some quick tips on writing effective copy for your website. Effective copyrighting is critical to your success on the Internet.

Anchor Text Explained

Learn what an Anchor Text is and its importance in your search optimization and link building results.

Link Exchange

Link Exchange Resources - One Way & Reciprocal Link Exchange Letters

Helpful link exchange resources; samples for one way link exchange and reciprocal link exchange request letters.

What are BackLinks & How Do You Take Advantage of Them?

Backlinks are important to your website’s link building campaign and ultimately search engine ranking results. Find out what these are and how to take advantage of them in this discussion.

Web Analytics

Analyzing Website Traffic - Tracking Results with Good Analytics Tool

Analyzing website traffic is a key component of your online success. It is hard to get to where you want to be if you don't know where you currently are.

Google Analytics - 100% Free & Over Performs

Google Analytics is a free analytical tool that makes it easy to improve your results online. It will help you understand which marketing initiatives are most cost effective and efficient as well as how your visitors behave on your website.


Internet Marketing Strategies - Formulate a website marketing plan

Internet Marketing Strategies; Formulate a good website marketing plan using this webpage as your website marketing resource.

Must Know Website Promotion Tools

Use existing sites as your website promotion tools. Leverage this highly effective secret of website marketing to become successful online.

Using Free Resources to Promote a Business Online

Learn about the best free resources (high page rank and Alexa popularity) that will return the most reward for your time invested in promoting your business online.

Writing an Effective Ad - Learn the Importance and How to Create One

Attention online businesses! Read this discussion on writing an effective ad to get the click you need to make the sale.

A Simple Advertisement Webpage - A quick and easy way to advertise online

Need to Advertise Something Online? No need to create full blown websites. Just follow this quick recipe for a simple stand alone webpage that gets the job done.

What is Google Bombing? A Marketing Ploy for Your Own Website

Learn about Google bombing, the dirty nifty trick many search engine marketers use to get their blog and websites on top of Google fast.

Niche Marketing - Narrowcasting to Your Targeted Niche

Lean why niche marketing is so important and why you MUST know your customer. Without this knowledge, you will be a blind catering to another blind.

Ecommerce Marketing Tips Guaranteed to BOOST Your Online Sales

Read about ecommerce marketing tips from a merchant?s perspective that are guaranteed to boost your online sales.

Article Marketing

Ezine Marketing Information - Create & Distribute Your Success Online

Ezine Marketing is a specific and the most effective form of article marketing. It is the process by which you can distribute your content to the masses. Take advantage of the free resources included in this discussion.

Article Marketing - A Key Internet Marketing Tip

Article Marketing – Utilize this Internet marketing tip to establish your credibility & boost your online presence.


What is a Blog and How to Benefit from It?

Blogs and Blogging; the ever growing art of expressing yourself and marketing your online business.

Wordpress - A 100% Free & Excellent Blog Software

WordPress is the best Blog software out there, and the best thing is that it is free. Read this section to discover the details and create a Blog using WordPress.

Free RSS Guide - How to Make Really Simple Syndication Work for You

RSS is Really Simple Syndication. Learn what it is about and how to make it work in this Free RSS Guide.

Blog Tips Geared For The New Blogger. Veteran Bloggers Also Welcome

These basic preliminary Blog Tips are meant for the new Blogger. Veteran Bloggers are most welcome. There is always something new to learn.

Select Your Blog Niche Very Carefully

This discussion discusses how to find the ideal topic that you are passionate about and can help you make money with Blogs.

Should You Blog or Build?

Should you start a Blog or a Website? The tough question that puts many aspiring infopreneurs in a whirwind.

Blog tools you need to get your blog up and running online in minutes

Read this discussion on the Blog Tools necessary to set up and market a Blog if you are already familiar with what Blogs are.

Make Money With Blogs - Ways to Make Money Online

This make money with Blogs discussion demonstrates what to do with your Blog once it begins to generate heavy traffic to make extra money online.

Setting up A Blog is Fun, Easy & Can Be Profitable!

Setting up a Blog may sound complicated at first, but the process is actually quite simple and a lot of fun. With the technological advancements we enjoy today, you can get up and running within minutes!

More On WordPress Blogs - The Best & Most Efficient

Wordpress Blogs are the best and most effective Blogs online today. Learn a little more about the best Blog software that you can easily get for free!

Email Marketing

Effectiveness of Email Marketing - What to Do and How to Do It

The effectiveness of email marketing; a very powerful marketing tool for your online business.

Choosing the Right eMail Marketing System for Your Business

Choosing the right eMail marketing system can be a tough choice given the number of sophisticated programs available today. Use this discussion to guide you through the daunting process.

Aweber Review - The Best Email Marketing Software

Read about the best Email Autoresponder software in the market today. The single biggest reason of my personal success with websites.

eMail Marketing Tips; Record of Valuable eMail Marketing Information

Read these powerful eMail marketing tips to turn your program into a high response eMail marketing system.


The Power of Testimonials - Use the Feedback to Boost Your Rank

Realize the power of testimonials in this section and learn how to get independent, credible testimonials from your website visitors and how to harness the power of such invaluable feedback.


Podcasting Made Easy - Start with the Basics in Podcasting 101

This Podcasting made easy section discusses the basics of Podcasting and how you can incorporate this HOT technology in your online business.

Social Networking

Myspace Marketing - Make Money from Your Social Networking Site

Learn how to make money from your social networking site webpage.

Branding Your Website

Brand Your Website & Reap the Collateral Benefits For Years

Learn why it is so important to brand your website. Branding your website is critical to your long term success on the Internet.


Ways to Make Money Online. Learn the different ways to cash in online

There are so many ways to make money online. This section covers majority of the biggest and most popular ways people are making the Internet work for them.

Online Home Businesses - Different Types of Online Business Models

Learn about the different types of business models for online home businesses.

Start an Online Business to Make Extra Money Online

This discussion focuses on why I decided to start an online business to make extra money online after evaluating several other entrepreneurial options.

Creating a Profitable Website - Brick or Online Home Business

Learn the secrets of creating a profitable website. Selling online can be a tough task with increasing competition in today's Internet marketplace. Use this guide to streamline your website pages that will make the sale.

Online business Start up - The Struggles I wished I could've avoided

Learn what to do right and what to avoid with an online business start up. The struggles I wished I could?ve avoided with my first ecommerce website.

The Cost of Starting an Online Business. Learn the different models

Starting an online business is the number one business model choice of many entrepreneurs today. This section discusses the costs involved in starting an online business and making it successful.

Selling Online The Easy Way - Successful eCommerce Websites

The art of selling online is not easy at all. Learn how to attract heavy traffic volumes to make your online store a success.

Online business success tips. How to make your business successful

Start up a business online and make it successful with these 10 tips.

Retail Online Business Tips – Content, Images, Color, Site Layout

This Retail Online Business Tips section will point out what it takes to be successful with a website that sells as opposed to an information based website.

Starting a Home Internet Business

Starting a home Internet business is growing trend today as more people are seeking that flexible and mobile lifestyle. College students, single moms, burnt out corporate employees and many others are looking to start an online business.

Making Money Online - Spare of Full Time

Why people prefer making money online today more than ever? Why do I? There are more ways of making money online today than ever before.

Online Entrepreneurship

Being an online entrepreneur is becoming increasingly popular by the day. Find out the most common reasons why most fail.

The Bootstrapping Entrepreneur

Are you a bootstrapping entrepreneur? Learn about how to raise the cash to take your online business to the pinnacle of success.

The Benefits of Efax - Use It To Become Efficient

Learn the benefits of efax and how this tool can help you improve your online business

Affiliate Marketing

All the Affiliate Marketing Information You Need

Affiliate Marketing information. Find out the what, who, where and why all right here in this comprehensive guide.

Everything Google Adsense

Google Adsense Six Figure Income Stories - Fact or Fiction?

Are the six figure income Google Adsense earnings stories true? Find out how to make money with websites built around your passion. Site Build It! or SBI makes it very easy.

Earn More From Adsense Using These Free Tools

If you make money from Google Adsense or are planning to you don’t want to miss this series on how to earn more from Adsense.

Google Adsense Website - Make money writing online

A Google Adsense Website is The Best Way to Use Your Knowledge & Experience to Make Money Writing Online.

Make Money With the Google Adsense Program

Learn how you can make money online from your website with the Google Adsense program. This is the easiest way to make money from your writing online.

Google Adsense Top paying keywords | How to find high paying keywords

Determine the Google Adsense Top paying keywords in your research so that you can make the most of your campaigns. Increase your Adsense income significantly!

Google Adsense Alternatives - Other Paid Ad Programs for Publishers

Can't make money with Adsense? Did Google kick you out? No worries, consider these Google Adsense alternatives and make money from your website with or without Master Google.

Site Build It


Create an ebook in PDF with ebook compiler and sell it on Clickbank!

Learn how to create an ebook easily, publish it immediately and begin making money instantly!

Ebook Publishing 101. Write an Ebook, Publish It & Make Money

Can't get published? It's ok, publish an eBook. eBook publishing is easier and simpler than ever before. So who cares if no publisher is giving you the time of day? No one does! And you shouldn?t either!

Why write an Ebook & publish it?

Contrary to your belief, there is at least one good book inside you. So why write an ebook? No one else shares your life experience and your unique voice. So why not share what you know and make money from it?

Learn to be a Writer, Capitalize on Your Knowledge & Publish Your Work Online

Contrary to popular belief, to be a writer is not as difficult as many think. In fact many think that only certain individuals have the skill and intellect to be a writer. This is not true! At least not within the capacity of the Internet.

Ecommerce Store / Online Store

Accepting Credit Cards Online is Critical to Your Success

Accepting credit cards is a key capability you must have if you have an eCommerce business (a website that sells goods or services). Numbers suggest that over 95% of online transactions are conducted using credit cards.

Shopping Cart Solutions - Learn Your Options

Learn about your options with shopping cart solutions for your ecommerce website. You can either get one built in with your host or a stand alone merchant account service provider.

The Best Merchant Account / Shopping Carts

Merchant account shopping cart program reviews and recommendations. Find the best fit for your ecommerce business in this section.

Drop Shipping

Drop Ship Distributors - Drop Ship Companies and Wholesalers

Read this discussion on drop ship distributors and wholesalers before materializing your online business idea.

Auction Websites

Auction Website - Learn how to create one like Ebay easily

Learn how to create an auction website just like Ebay. Become the next popular bidding site on the Internet using this tutorial.

Make Money on Auction Websites Like Ebay Online

Auction websites are great to experiment with your ecommerce idea. Learn about using eBay as an online business model.


Ecommerce Tips for the Buyer
Ward off the vendor's marketing efforts with these 7 ecommerce tips for the online buyer.

Make Money Designing Websites for Others - Exercise Your Passion Into $$$
Designing websites to make extra cash on the side or as a full time venture can be extremely profitable and rewarding at the same time.

Website Building Myths
Read the common myths surrounding starting your own website or blog. I have attempted to bust the rumors and unveiled only the truth.

Visitor Testimonials
Read what others have told me about this website and the information contained in it.

Want to Hire a Website Developer for Cheap?
Don't feel like taking up the boring and technical task of building your website or blog? There might be a cheap solution!

About Me
A bit about me, my background, my motivation to build this website and where it is headed.








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