Google Adsense Six Figure Incomes - Fact of Fiction?

If you have heard stories about website owners making six figure incomes from Google Adsense, you have heard exactly right! I know it might be hard to believe at first, but once you understand how Adsense works the stories will no longer sound unbelievable to you. Making a lot of money from Adsense is not a myth. Just read this article by USA today on Grey Googlerís Striking Gold. They have struck gold indeed with Google Adsense.

Here is another one. This young gal lives minutes away from me!!! Check out her website WhateverLife here. She makes so much that she has employed her entire family to work for her.

So is the magic and the buzz behind Google Adsense fact or fiction? It is definitely a fact, but only if you work hard at it. Many have rushed to claim their stake of the Google Adsense bank by putting up websites overnight and slapping all kinds of ads in hopes to make a ton of money.

It does not work like that my friend. In order to earn a healthy monthly income from Google Adsense ads, a lot of upfront hard work and persistence is needed. You might not see results for months even after putting in countless hours of work. For some people it takes years. But the good news though is that when it rains it pours, and the rain just keeps getting harder.

Eventually your website will start attracting heavy traffic and that traffic will generate a lot of Adsense revenue for you. Do understand that it will take a lot of work on your part. After all there is no free lunch in the world. There is always some catch, and in this case you know exactly what that catch is. Itís not a payment that you have to make, but rather an investment of your time to create a useful website that will genuinely attract traffic that will in turn make you a lot of money from Google Adsense.

Google Adsense has revolutionized the world of small website owners. It has provided an instant means to generate a few extra dollars from your website and for some a healthy living. Because of Google Adsense, many website owners are working from home on a full time basis creating useful websites that attract heavy traffic.

I personally know some individuals who have been able to leave their 9-5 jobs to work home full time making money online. In fact, I am a living example right here in front of you and talking to you! I love my lifestyle. I get to travel all the time, see new places, meet all kinds of people, and I earn a healthy living doing so.

I started my first Google Adsense money generating website while working a full time job. My own example should be enough to demonstrate that it is completely possible to take advantage of this opportunity despite having a full time profession. In fact I recommend starting part time on the side until you begin to see the true potential of your earnings. Once you see it, you will be very tempted to walk away from your job and focus more on your website. This is completely a personal choice my friend. I am not recommending one way or another. We all have different ways to go about different things and this is no different.

Google Adsense is not the only way to make money online. I have made money online from eBay, an eCommerce website and am currently making money from affiliate and referral programs. The focus of this discussion however is mainly Google Adsense. I just wanted to clarify that Google Adsense is not the only way to make money from your website.

Your Passion Will Be The Key To Your Success

Your passion will be the main driver of your success. And I donít mean your passion to make money and become wealthy. Ask any wealthy individual how they became wealthy. If the answer is not lottery, a casino jackpot or a huge inheritance, they will tell you that wealth is just a result or byproduct of their passion.

Ask any athlete about their love for the sport they play and they will overwhelm you with their response. They just love to play. They just want to win. The money is simply the result of their desire and strong passion.

In order to be successful with Google Adsense, you need a content focused website that focuses on a particular subject/topic. The topic can be anything. The less competition you have however the better it is (I will talk about how to gauge your competition in a bit). However, passion outranks all other factors. If you are passionate about a given topic I recommend focusing your website on that particular subject.

If you are not passionate about your subject, chances are you will end up abandoning your website sooner or later. All the hard work you put in will truly feel like work. Just think about how you feel at your job? (This is only assuming that youíd rather be doing something else. If you have an awesome job, I am very happy for you and congratulate you because it is a fact that 90% of people do not enjoy their jobs) A much higher percentage than I had originally guessed.

Hard Work Always Comes First

You will spend hours and hours developing your website content initially. Understand that there may be days where you will skip a meal and forego evening plans because you have to get on your computer and work on your website. And there will definitely be weekends where your friends will ask you to come out but you wonít be able to because you have to work on your website.

Well itís not that you canít, but the sooner you get your website up and running the better. The choice is of course yours. Personally, I will tell you that I spent 6 months doing absolutely nothing but learning more about my websiteís topic in more detail and setting up my website content.

I used to come home tired from work and instead of kicking back to relax a bit or go to the gym, I opened my laptop and started cranking out content for my website. Every night that I was on the road and staying in hotels, I cam right back to the room at the end of the day to work on my website instead of catching a sports game away from home in a new arena or stadium, or joining my buddies for a dinner out of town or sightseeing. I think some people started to think I was anti-social.

The weekends were even more trying for me. I spent entire weekends after weekends at Panera bread (kudos to their free wireless Internet model) from 10 in the morning to 9 at night when they closed. The entire staff got to know me so well because Iíd pick the same table every weekend and will eat both meals of the day there.

Yes I literally put everything on hold in my life because I knew how important this project was to me. And guess what? Every bit of what I did was well worth it. I would do it again and again if I had to. Why? Because now I have all the time in the world to do whatever I want. I have a solid business online that is generating monthly cash flow for me without much work. I still work on it, but exponentially less than what I used to initially. This is the true magic of establishing a successful Internet business.

The work has to be done at some point, and the sooner it is done the better it is as the sooner the money will start to come in. But let me reiterate this one more time. Google Adsense is the best way to make money online in my opinion. However, it is not going to happen overnight.

Google Adsense Defined A Bit More

Google Adsense is a free program to sign up for. Google will not charge you a dime. All it asks is that you own your own domain name and you do not violate any of its policies. Google Adsense is pretty much a partnership with Google where you agree to allow Google to display ads on your webpage and in turn pay you every time your visitor clicks on an ad on your page.

Why would they do this? Because Google is a context based ad company. Meaning that they match their advertisers to websites that focus on the same topics. So it is natural for them to advertise Dell Computers on your website if your website is about Computer Hardware.

In a nutshell, Google might charge Dell $1 each time a visitor clicks on a Google Dell ad. If Google displays that ad on your website and your visitor ends up clicking on it, Google might pay you say 60 cents (for example) for that click. This means Google made 40 cents from the $1 it charged Dell (since it paid you 60 cents). It is a win-win situation for all involved. Those numbers are a guess. Google does not disclose these figures.

Your Website Traffic is Key

You have probably heard (or read) me say that ďtraffic is kingĒ about 29 times. I canít help it. This is absolutely true and a MUST if you want to be successful online, especially with Google Adsense. The entire Google Adsense program is volume based, which means that you need to attract as many visitors to your website because only a portion of them will end up clicking on Google ads. The more visitors you have, the more chances of clicks and the quicker the dollars and cents will add up in your account.

For example, if your website grows to average 500 visitors per day and each visitor enjoys approximately 5 pages of your website, you will have 2,500 total page views. If every page of your website displays Google ads, this means you have 2,500 chances of getting ads clicked by visitors.

Now letís say 1 in 10 actually clicks (a mere 10% ratio), this means that you will generate 250 clicks. If Google pays you an average of 50 cents per click (hypothetical number), you will have made $125 for that day. Multiply that by 30 days and you can potentially earn $3,750 per month from just displaying Google ads on your website. Magic? Yes indeed Ė but only after all that hard work and persistence you put in.

The key to generating traffic is to actively market and optimize your website for search engines. Websites are not like brick and mortar businesses where the saying ďif you build it, theyíll comeĒ goes. With websites, you have to actively work to get your site noticed in the eyes of search engines (the Internet Gods) so that they can recommend you to visitors anytime a visitor searches for your websiteís subject matter.

Search engines are mainly concerned about the keywords you use and the value your information provides to readers. The value you provide is determined by the number of inbound or incoming links you have to your website. Incoming links are links to your site on other websites that endorse you or recommend you to their visitors. Search engines look at this very highly as they interpret this as your website must be valuable if it is recommended by other webmasters on their website for their visitors.

The higher the rank of the website referring you, the more significant search engines deem the recommendation.

Which Websites are Ranked Highest?

The websites that are best optimized and have other credible and high ranked sites referring to them rank the highest on search engines. Your website first has to be optimized for high ranking keywords or phrases that are in demand.

You have to establish yourself as an expert in a particular subject matter. If you are able to do this other sites will notice this and refer their visitors to you by adding your link to their websites. This is exactly how you build link popularity. The other way is through directory submissions (discussed below).

How to Build Website Traffic?

You will find several article discussions on this website answering the question of building, growing and maintaining website traffic. A few quick points are as follows:
  • Submit your website to search engines immediately (includes XML sitemap creation and submission to search engines)

  • Blogs and forums

  • Submitting to directories

  • Discussion forums

  • Ezine/Article marketing

  • Tons of other ways . . .
If you are seeing this list for the first time I understand how overwhelming it can be. Do not get overwhelmed. I have the solution for you. Read on for now, trust me. Having patience is extremely important. Search engines are not the fastest tools in giving you the credibility you deserve.

Because of the growing scams online and meaningless or duplicate websites that saturate the web, search engines are particularly careful in who they index and how they index them. It can take a few months just to get listed with a search engine. So just be patient. Your hard work will pay off in due time.

Any Way to Get Rich Quick With Google Adsense?

There is no such thing in my opinion (winning the lottery, a casino jackpot and inheritance are exceptions). Any worthwhile venture takes time to develop and flourish, particularly a business that will pay dividends for years to come.

Many people fall into the get rich quick traps and pay up hundreds and thousands of dollars for programs and tools that promise a lot of money in return. Stay away from these folks. There is nothing you cannot do on your own that these programs and tools will do for you.

The same applies to Google Adsense. Although the program is free to join and easy to get accepted in, donít be fooled into thinking you will make a lot of money overnight. Take your time to understand and learn the system first; then spend some time developing your concept based website. You wonít succeed if you donít fully understand how the system works and what it takes to be successful using it.

Once you have taken the time to develop your content based website, just be patient. If you have optimized your website to the best of your ability and have followed the traffic building guidelines discussed above, your traffic will grow with each passing month. You will begin to see bigger and bigger Google Adsense checks with each passing month.

The best part about all this is that all your hard work will pay off for months to come. Once your website has an established traffic pattern, your monthly checks will come in whether or not you work more. One great benefit of websites is that they are available 24/7, which means you will be making money even while you sleep. Of course you will have to tend to your website and periodically add fresh content to it. However, your ongoing work will be no where near the effort you put in initially in establishing the website.

Nothing Worthwhile in Life is Easy

Making money online may sounds simple, and rightfully so it is. However simple does not necessarily mean it is easy. It is very simple because you donít have to get a masters degree or PhD or go through years of corporate training to learn your industry. You can self teach yourself a lot of what you need to do about making money on the Internet by using free resources such as this website.

The important thing to realize is that although making money online sounds simple in concept, it does take hard work like your career or building a business would. I donít know of any business that does not take its due time to establish itself. I donít know of any career either that will promote you to an executive level position overnight.

But like Iíve said before, the beauty of an online business, specifically a concept based website that makes money from Google Adsense is that it will bear fruits for you long after you are done establishing it whether or not you work as hard on it. That said, it is important to update it periodically. But I know people that update their well establish sites once or twice a month without affecting their monthly income.

You can take a few months off away on a vacation and when you come back your business will still be there and more importantly your checks wonít stop coming every month. And the money only gets better with time as your site grows older. Now this is a business definitely worth building.

Do Not Over Think the Process

The whole concept of making money from your website using Google Adsense is not complicated at all. Sometimes we tend to over think about something that sounds so simple. We often remember the saying ďit itís too good to be true then it probably isĒ. The concept is definitely very good, and yes simple. But the truth is that it requires some work and the passage of time. Once you understand that simple concept, there is no need to keep thinking about whether it will work or not. Just start to work as much as you can toward developing and marketing your website and learn more and more about the process as you go.

I canít tell you how many people I know that will think about a business concept like this over and over again, often convoluting their minds and confusing themselves. What often happens is in the course of thinking and procrastinating, a lot of time goes by and other things come up in their lives that they never get to pursue their intentions. Itís truly unfortunate.

I have one friend who has read countless books on Internet businesses, real estate, entrepreneurship, you name it. He has been reading for years. In fact I would say in theory he knows way more than I do about a lot of things we both are interested in. However I have quite a bit to show for it and he has none. Why? Itís not because he does not know how the process works or what it takes to become successful, itís because he has failed to take action throughout all these years. Itís a mystery to me. In fact one of our common friends who is a psychologist wanted to learn about what might be driving this behavior in my friend.

Another predicament most people fall into is that they constantly try to benchmark their performance with others. Basically they think well if so and so is making $10,000 per month from Google Adsense, then I should be making the same. This is the wrong mentality my good friend. If you keep comparing yourself to others, you will loose focus of your own path to success.

It is important to realize that everyoneís performance will vary because there are too many factors involved. Some include the choice of your websiteís topic, your knowledge and ability to market your website and the time you devote to building your business to name a few. Then there are external factors such as which websites are linking to you, what is the nature of advertisers in your industry as well as what it costs for these advertisers to advertise with Google.

Remember, Google pays you a portion of what it earns from its advertisers, and this amount varies significantly. I know of some industries where it can cost advertisers $10 per click on an ad and other industries where it costs less than $1. This is a 1000% difference! Then there is also variation in various keywords and phrases that are bid on by advertisers. Just remember, there are no two snow flakes are every alike. Focus hard on building your business and everything will fall into place just fine.

Use other peopleís successes as validation that it can be done and it is being done! Use them for inspiration, for motivation and determination that if they can do it so can you. Develop the attitude of a winner and you will definitely succeed. Pick a topic you are passionate about and that you know a lot about and write like there is no tomorrow. Keep learning more and share what you learn with others by adding good quality content on your website. That is how you will succeed in this business!

Your Website Topic Choice!

Your websiteís topic is the most important decision you will ever make with your content based website. In sales or with an ecommerce website, people often think about what they would like to sell. This is the wrong approach however. It is not about what you want to sell, but it is about what the market needs and demands from you.

With a concept based website however that provides free information, my theory is exactly the opposite. Write about what you want and are passionate about and you will find your niche of individuals who will be interested in your content.

The fundamental differences between the two approaches are twofold; a business is profit/sales driven and a customer has to pay for your product or service. With a free information based website, a visitor will likely come to you because they donít have to pay for the information.

That said, the number one reason I say that topic is most important is because you are the one that will be putting in all the time and hard work in establishing your website. And if you are going to do that, it is very important to write about a topic that you are most passionate and knowledgeable about. This will keep you from getting bored and abandoning your project half way without ever realizing the financial results.

Did you know that most business owners quite just at that point where they are nearing to realize the financial returns of all their hard work? This is very common. If you are constantly questioning when the profits will start coming, chances are you will get frustrated and abandon all your work without every realizing any benefit from it. That is no good.

The other thing to remember is that even if you are not too knowledgeable about a particular topic, as long as you have a true desire for it, your desire will make you want to learn more about it and be able to share your knowledge to others through your website. It all really comes down to your personal passion. And if you already know a lot about it, thatís even better. You have no reason to wait and you should really get started as soon as possible!
  • What do you know?

  • What do you have a passion for?

  • What are your hobbies?

  • What have you learned on the job? In your career?

  • What do others say you are good at?

  • What have you always wanted to do or learn?

Passion vs. Facts and Hard Statistics

If you have more than one topic that you are passionate about, you can quickly run a test to see which topic may be more profitable online. What you can do is go to any search engine like Google and type in the keyword or phrase that your topic is about. For example, if you are passionate about Mountain Biking, type that into the search box and see how many results are delivered back to you.

The number of sites found represent your competition online. Now keep in mind that search engines report absolutely everything online that has used the keyword or phrase that you typed in. Most of those sites are frankly garbage and not a true competition to your success online. For example, if searching for Mountain Biking yields 14 million results, Iíd say your true competition is around a couple million at most.

So based on that quick test, you can enter keywords about your topic and gauge what the competitive landscape looks like. If your topic is Dubai City, like mine is, you only have a couple million websites to compete with and have better chances of realizing faster and bigger success making money online from.

Teaching Others How to Make Money

There are countless website on this topic on the Internet. However most are simply an attempt to market new developments in Internet marketing or ways to make money. I would say that most websites that preach and teach how to make money have never made money themselves. They are simply trying to sell you something or brag about being at the forefront of emerging ways to make money on the Internet.

Would you rather listen to someone like that or someone who has actually made a lot of money on the Internet? Most people would share the same answer. If you have been successful making money online, you will be able to share your personal experiences with your readers. You will be able to connect to your readers better and your success will show in the tone of your website content.

I suggest staying away from teaching others how to make money until you have done it yourself. Prove it to yourself first that it can be done and then go out and show others how to. Trust me, this will only benefit you as your reader will sense the truthfulness and confidence in your tone. You will be surprised how easy it is to see inexperience behind written words, so be very careful.

Trust me, I have been there and done that. My tone today is completely different from what it was before I started my Dubai Information website. I started this website with the intent of making ads my primary source of revenue. Today with Godís grace, the website has rewarded me with more than I ever imagined possible.

I am just fascinated with the entire concept. Anyone can take anything they are truly passionate about and monetize it. I personally like to teach others, and Iíve done it over and over again because I have been there and done it. I want others to experience the same thing I have. And if I had never succeeded at it myself, I donít think anyone would ever listen to me. Why would they?

If you are truly passionate about something, you might not know it but I bet you can keep writing forever on that subject. I personally find myself skipping meals and sleep because I am so engrossed in what I am writing about. I just absolutely love this stuff.

If I wasnít interested in the topics my websites are about, Iíd run out of what to say. Iíd have to take information from other sources and present it on my website; and you will be able to tell that because my experience will show in my writing style and tone. That is why genuine interest is very important.

Path to Getting Online & Making Money With Google Adsense

Remember that topic is your most important choice. It is very difficult to find a topic you enjoy which is also profitable. How can you ever find that out? Once you have determined your topic, you need to start developing your website, which means getting your domain name, hosting an HTML editor and all the bells and whistles needed to make one. Once you make your website, you need to take the steps discussed above (i.e. submitting your website to the search engines, etc).

I know I know it can all sound overwhelming. Truthfully, if you are brand new to websites and this concept of passive making money, it will be tough to get to where you want to if you donít approach this the right way. Look at me. I am a CPA, a corporate finance guy, not a programmer, nor have I ever taken an IT / Computer class in college.

Few years ago I ran into what I consider is one of Godís greatest gifts to me. I studied it and learned it for a full year before I pursued it. I am referring to Site Build It, a single all in one solution that makes website building, growing and monetizing it very simple. Anyone can do it, including sixty year old retirees. If you know how to turn on a computer, use the keyboard and mouse, you are all set.

SBI takes care of all the back-end programming stuff. You wonít even see it or realize it. The program is so easy and user friendly that both teenagers and retirees are using it to make solid money online. And the best part is that it seems as if the program was made strictly for Google Adsense. So for me, it was very timely discovering it. My only regret is that I wish I had found it much earlier in my life.

Take a look at so many others who are making this work for them working at home and making money with all the freedom and flexibility in their lives.

I highly recommend this one stop solution to everything you need. You will never have to worry about the technicalities or the ways in which you can monetize your idea. SBI will hold your hard, from start to finish. They also have an extensive 10 day training guide (in print and video) that you can use to guide you.

Their support staff is amazingly encouraging and helpful. And the best part is that they have a proper online class that you can attend online and learn the entire process step by step. They will equip you with the complete set of tools you need to get going. This is exactly how I got started and have never looked back. I highly recommend the SBI elearning program for you as well.








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