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Welcome to my extra collection of “get paid to” sites where you can make extra money working online from home. I say “extra” because these opportunities deviate from the core of this website, which is paid surveys. This page will introduce you to a ton more ways to make money online working from home.

There are a ton of sites that promise that you will make money. However, with the growing number of scams, it is difficult to vet out the few legitimate companies from the many bad apples. This is precisely the reason why so many people have become skeptical of make money online or any work at home type opportunities.

On this page you will find several paid opportunities that you can get started with immediately without ever paying a penny to join or any sort of membership fee. These opportunities are fun, easy and something you can do in your spare time or full time like I do.

Aside from getting paid to do paid surveys online, you will learn about opportunities that will pay you to write articles for others, for Blogging, sending text messages, chatting online and even watching TV! Some of these are just absolutely RIDICULOUS! I named this website Easy Extra Money Online for a reason. I wanted to only present opportunities that have worked for me and that are absolutely free to join.

Therefore every site I present to you has to meet my strict criteria: It has to be easy, it has to make you extra money, has to be online and most importantly, it has to be FREE! You will never have to pay a penny to join anything you find on this website. With stuff you find here you don’t have to worry about scams. I only recommend ones that I have screened intensely!

So how to make money online? It’s simple, explore the paid opportunities below, pick one that you are interested in, and work on it whenever you have some spare time. Your earnings will snowball as long as you keep at it.

So many people have made all kinds of ends meet with these get paid to opportunities. Many others have simply quit their full time jobs as they have found the perfect formula to make these paid opportunities work for them. These will give you the flexibility and freedom to work when you want and as much as you want. No more waking up early and commuting to work, dealing with the traffic congestions, fuel expenses, car depreciation, excuses of being late to your boss…..the list goes on and on.

Be sure to sign-up for my newsletter as well as my Blog’s RSS feed to receive the latest updates, new opportunities and all the tips and strategies to make a lot of money from these opportunities. So without further adieu, make money online now with any of the paid opportunities listed below. . .

Get Paid to Read Emails

What can be better than getting paid to do what you do anyway – read emails! I don’t know about you but I read an average of 200 emails a day. That is a ton of emails, and many people read more, trust me on that. Click the link above for a few sites that pay you to read emails.

I have one caution when you sign-up with these. Read their instructions carefully. Some require you to have the email opened a certain time (for example, 15 seconds) in order to get money credit. In any case, these are great options to make easy extra money online!

I would definitely focus on the first two (especially Hits4Pay as it is one of my top earners) if you want the most “BANG” for your time (not "buck" because these are FREE to join!). They are excellent companies.

Helpful Paid to Read Emails Tips

Make more money with Hits4Pay & DealsNCash with these get paid to read email tips. Simple, clear and easy to follow.

Writers WANTED! Get Paid to Write Articles

If you ask me what is my favorite way to make extra money online I would say article writing hands down (well kind of. I do like paid surveys a lot). Why? Because you write it once and get paid for it again and again and again. It is what residual, recurring and passive income means.

I have articles out there that are years old that are still bringing me in cash every month. That is what I call automatic income for a one time effort only – the kind of income I make even when I am eating, sleeping, working out or doing nothing! Making money from online articles is one of my biggest income sources.

Hint: You can make a lot of money repeatedly from just one article. Read about how to make the most money from your articles in this section. This will ensure you maximize your earnings efforts.

Get Paid to Post Jobs - Post Job Listings & Get Paid!

This is one of the best money making opportunities I have found for website or Blog owners. Those without a site or a Blog can also make extra money from it, but it’s just so much easier if you have your own website or Blog.

This opportunity is even better if you have a site or Blog that is about resume building or job hunting, or any kind of employment site. But you know what? Even if your site is about babies and candies you can still make a lot of money from this one. The opportunity is called "Indeed".

Get Paid to Shop Online

Get paid to do what you do anyway. You go to the grocery store to get your food don't you? Or to WalMart or Sam's Club to get toothpaste, toilet paper, etc right?

The point is we all buy certain necessities we need every month. So why not buy it online and get a fat rebate check as a refund in return? That's not it, think about this for a minute. When you shop online, you save on gas and you don't have to spend a lot of time doing it. You can shop when you want where you want. All you need is a computer and Internet. They will come and deliver the products right to you. So why bother with the hassle?

I never understood why not more people take advantage of this set up. Well now more and more people are as they are learning the true power of the Internet. Now here is another thing. Stores sell products online much cheaper. Why? Because they don't have rent expenses to pay. They don't pay utility bills or bills to hire people to bring in those grocery carts back in the store which the customers like you leave outside when you take your bags to your car.

Long story short, this is a no brainer and everyone should be doing this. Check out the few good ones below.


This one is one of the best websites out there to make extra money with. It is more than just a place where you get rebates when you shop online. CashCrate is one of my highest earners and top 10 favorite companies to work with. You can make money from paid surveys as well as paid offers, and sometimes you get to keep the free products as well! Check it out here.

Big Crumbs for Ebayers

If you have ever heard about Ebay (I am sure you have), then not reading about this one is a big mistake.

KickItBack for Ebay Shoppers

Similar to Big Crumbs above, if you have anything to do with Ebay (even if you have only shopped there once), you MUST read about this program.

Get Paid to do Offers, Click Links, Complete Surveys, Shop Online and Much More . . .

The handful of sites are excellent to work with and make extra money in your spare time from various ways. Whether you enjoy doing paid offers, paid surveys, reading email, clicking links, watching movies, playing video games, or anything else that you can think about...you take your pick and make extra money exactly the way you want.


U.S. Residents DO NOT WORRY! This great money making opportunity is also available to you!

Linky Love Army

Similar in concept, but a bit different on the surface. Great easy money maker. Definitely check it out as well.

Get Paid to Play Games Online

Points2Shop is an excellent get paid to play games website that also pays you to complete paid offers, online surveys and even cash back shopping. Get paid to do what you do anyway!

Got Frequent Flier Miles, Credit Card Points and Other Rewards Points That You Don’t Need? Trade It In for Good Stuff at Points.Com!

I love this site! If you have been subscribed to my newsletter you already know that I love traveling! I love to go different place and explore the world. That requires that I fly, rent a car and stay in hotels when I don’t know people in places that I visit.

Points.com is the most popular site to earn, buy and swap your miles and points with over 25 of the worlds leading reward programs.

Redeem Your Frequent Flier Miles for Magazine Subscriptions

Got unused hotel points, miles, credit card points sitting around? Redeem your frequent flier miles for magazine subscriptions with Magazine Mile.

Earn Gift Cards with Quiz Points - Easy Extra Shopping Money!

This is an excellent site to earn faster shopping cash than it would normally take you. Typically you have to do $10 worth of work to earn $10 in cash with any other site. But with Quiz points, it seems like you dont quite have to do the full $10 worth of work but can make $10 in gift certificates to one of many popular stores. It's a great way to pile up quick shopping cash.

Get the Most Back from Redeeming Gift Cards

There are several sites that I have recommended to you through either my website, blog or newsletter that pay in points and gift cards. Do not ignore these opportunities. It is much easier to accrue a ton of points and gift cards rather than cold hard cash (you often get more in cash value from gift cards and points). This short section will show you how you can maximize the cash value from your easily earned gift cards and points!

Get Paid to Use a Free Phone Number

Ever been reluctant to give out your phone number? Now you can get a free phone number with Brring and give it out as much as possible! The best part? You get paid for it!

Attention YouTube Junkies - Upload Videos and Make Money with Share a Flick

Do you enjoy YouTube? Do you enjoy videos online in general? You don't want to miss this opportunity. Share a Flick is a video sharing site where you can upload existing or new videos and make extra money in the process.

Recommend the Best Pre-Paid Calling Card COMFI & Make Money

Believe it or not this was one of my first money makers and it's still going strong for me. Because I travel so much I have friends all around the world. I was looking for the best rates on calling cards to stay in touch with them over the phone. Sure there is email and social networks and all, but nothing beats the personal touch of a phone call.

I discovered Comfi some time back and have been so impressed by not only the guaranteed low prices, but also the superb service, that I have continued to use them. In fact I have referred several people to them who have all been using Comfi to call friends and family overseas. The earning potential is huge. I benefit from recurring residual commissions from the simple referrals I've provided over time. One thousand dollars per month in commissions is not far fetched with Comfi at all.

Make Money from the Extra Space on Your Blog or Website with LinkWorth

You can make extra money from white space on your site or blog by charging for banner and link ads, even if you don't have that much traffic yet. You will earn up to 70% of ad revenue recurring monthly in most situations.

With LinkWorth you can also get paid to blog and write reviews for products & services. There are a ton of advertisers (from Fortune 500 to several small businesses) on this network ready to gain access to your site or blog. You can use as many sites as you want to make extra money!

Get Paid to Recommend an Alternative to PayPal - "Revolution MoneyExchange" - A Very High Paying Affiliate Program

Do you have an ecommerce business online? Do you know anyone who does? Do you realize how much PayPal kills you on fees? Just ask me, I have paid thousands of dollars in PayPal fees over the past few years.

Does it make sense paying all those fees? Not really. But people are stuck. They don't have an alternative until now! Revolution MoneyExchange is truly the best alternative to PayPal. Definitely check them out. You can save a ton of money, and better yet make much more from referring them to others.

Get Paid to Advertise with Oxado (Excellent Alternative to Google Adsense)

Look no further if you have been rejected or banned for life by Google Adsense. There is another player in the market offering much more in the same industry of online advertisement.

Get Paid for Free Product Trials in Exchange For Your Opinion – And You Get to Keep the Products Too!

This is a great opportunity if you want to influence companies with your opinions of what kind of products and services to innovate. The best thing about this opportunity is that companies will send you their products to try for free. The only thing they ask is you try them and provide your honest opinion. This helps them determine what product to introduce in the market place. They pay you for your time and you get to keep the product as well. It is a win-win for all!

Get Paid to Try Products with Fusion Cash.

Another High Paying Product Trial Site - Vindale Research

Cash in Your Opinion. Matrix Rewards Allows You to Get Paid to Review Products.

Get Paid to Recommend ClickBank – A Big Information Products Hub - A TOP EARNER

Everyone has at least one book in them - trust me on that! Do you have a hobby or a passion that you can convert into a book? What about a skill or profession? Or something you are good at and can share?

I have made a killing publishing 2 ebooks on ClickBank and plan on publishing more in the future. HERE IS THE BEST PART - You can still make a ton of money if you don't want to publish a book by marketing books others have written. Commissions are very high (I only go for the ones that pay 75% or more). There are also a ton of books to choose from so you can be sure to market something you are personally interested in and believe in!

Attention Website and Blog Owners! Get Paid to Post Ads on Your Website or Blog!

Below are a few sites you can use to take advantage of the empty, unused white space on your website or blog. Of the sites listed below, MaxBounty has been my biggest earner, closely followed by AdBrite and Bounce.

You can make a lot of money with these sites. They all have superb referral programs as well that will multiply your earnings significantly. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND these for you if you have your own website or blog. Even if you don't have one yourself, I recommend these for referring other website and blog owners to because of the high referral commissions.

Post ads with MaxBounty

Get Paid to Put Banner Ads on Your Blog or Website EVEN IF YOU HAVE ZERO TRAFFIC! With Money4Banners

Get Paid to Put Banner Ads on Your Blog or Website with ADBRITE

Get Paid MORE to Advertise (An Excellent Alternative to Google Adsense) - Monetize Your Website, Blog, Forum, etc. with Bounce!

Sick of Banners? Get Paid to Display Text Ads with Text Link Ads

How to Write Product Reviews that Make Money?

Whether you run a blog, a website, or simply write articles promoting affiliate products, learning how to write product reviews that make money can make a huge difference in your financial outcome.

Get Paid to Promote a Dating Site - Eroticy

Dating sites are one of the hottest online business models today, and no one pays as good as Eroticy does to refer their program to others. Definitely check this one out. It is something many people are looking for, so why not make extra money in the process of refering folks to exactly what they want? My conversion rate on this program has been very high.

ATTENTION UK RESIDENTS: Make Extra Money Promoting UK Companies! - (US Residents Welcome to Join!)

A wish come true for United Kingdom based entrepreneurs wanting to make extra money online from completing paid surveys, offers and other activities. This site is a compilation of a ton of UK based companies that pay you to promote their site. This opportunity is also open to US residents and pays in Pounds! You don't want to miss this opportunity so check it out.

Get Paid to Write Ads for Companies

You can make extra money from writing advertisements for companies. So if this is something you enjoy, check out the sites below. You can sign-up with either one and start making extra money by crafting ads. There are a ton of companies that are looking for participants like you to help them market their business. You just never know, you might end up with a long term relationship with them.

Get Paid to Write Ads for Sponsored Reviews and Make Extra Money

Write Ads and Get Paid by Smorty!

Get Paid to Blog

Get Paid to Blog with Gather!

Make Money Blogging with PayPerPost!

Write on Chitika and Make Money Blogging in Your Spare Time

Work from home and make money from this TOP DATA ENTRY JOB – 100% LEGITIMATE - NO SCAMS!

This is the best work from home data entry job available online. I selected this after almost a year of screening several other home based data entry jobs. I can tell you that 7 out of 10 are flat out scams. 3 out of 10 are legitimate of which only 1 or 2 are worth spending time and money on. Whether you want to make extra money or a full time living doing data entry, this is the company for you.

Make Money Designing Logos

Struggling designer or freelancer? Make money designing logos with Logo Tournament. Help website owners brand their websites and get cheap logos while making money.

Get Paid to Text - Totally True

Attention Ladies! Make some extra money sending text messages for free. Do you enjoy texting? Now you can get paid for sending text messages. In case you are wondering why I called out ladies specifically, this opportunity to make a lot of extra money is geared toward ladies only. However, men keep reading there is something special for as well. So get ready for this ladies, and don't worry, your information (including your number) is completely confidential (masked).

Wished You Could Make Money on MySpace?

You kind of can. Find out more in this section. If you enjoy MySpace and wished you could make some extra money on it, then I think you will really enjoy this section. I am not talking about using MySpace to promote anything, I am talking about getting paid for simply being on it and doing what you normally do (talk to friends, message, browse, etc).

Get Paid to Promote Your Business - I'm Not Kidding!

This opportunity is a blessing for website and blog owners running a business. It allows you to advertise your business and links and at the same time make extra money from it.

Get Paid to Recycle Toner Cartridges

Not only do you help improve our environment but you also make extra money in the process while doing so. So gather up all your empty printer toner cartridges at home or in the office and send them in for recycling and get paid for it.

Get Paid to Make a Wish & Vote on It! - You Can Win up to $5,000

You won't believe this extra money making opportunity. I certainly didn't when I came across it. This one definitely goes in my “whackiest” categories. But you know what? It works! I have proved it. I am stil in awe of the concept however!

Get Paid to Talk - Have a Conversation & Make Money

Opportunities can knock you straight in the head and you wouldn’t even know it if you are not looking. But make sure your eyes are wide open on this one. This opportunity that I am about to introduce is the best in its breed. You won't believe how easily you can generate extra money with this.

Get Paid to Post in Forums

Do you enjoy short conversations? Or responding to people's questions on online forums? Do you post on Blogs? Do you find yourself participating in online bulletins and classifieds? Typically making a post on these sites take anywhere from half a minute to a minute to complete. Here is an opportunity to mak extra money while doing what you like doing.

ATTENTION Ladies! Find a Sugar Daddy at SugarDaddie.com

If this doesn’t make you say wow I don’t know what will. Until I found this opportunity a Sugar Daddy only existed in MTV music videos and celebrity magazines. But hey now you can tap into the collection of rich old men who want a trophy by their side. Forget extra money, a Sugar Daddy can land you your retirement, lol.

Refer Yahoo Free Auto Quote & Make Money

Thanks to Yahoo, you can make some extra money by referring people to Yahoo’s free auto quote provider. Yes, this is 100% free and therefore very easy to refer people to it.

SBI - The Best Way to Make Money Online Working at Home

This is by far my favorite and top recommended opportunity for you if you are looking to build a solid home based business that will feed you for years to come. I have used this program for years and currently have several income generating websites that I have built with their guidance. If you are a Google Adsense lover, SBI is a Google Adsense customized HOME BASED BUSINESS solution.

If you are not going to read anything else on this website, make sure you read and fully understand this particular section. Why? Because this is how I got started with making money online and this is the reason why I am running this highly visible and profitable website with a very popular newsletter and blog attached to it that is read by thousands of subscribers from all around the world.

Make Money Selling Cards from Your Own Online Card Store - Free of Charge!

Have you ever sent someone an e-card? Did you use 123Greetings or a similar site? Card Fountain gives you the opportunity to create your own e-card store online for free. You can make some extra money anytime someone visits your store and orders a card.

Make Money Selling Shirts - No Investment Required!

Become a Designer FOR FREE & Sell Your Own Designs (T-shirts, Glassware, You Name It!) for Free . . . This opportunity gives you a chance to use other people's T-shirt inventory and designing capabilities and make them your own for free! Many are using this company to generate extra money.

ATTENTION TEENAGERS! Make Some Money Online from these Best Jobs for Teens

Are you a teenager looking for a job? Don't want that typical Taco Bell job that your friends and everyone else is getting out there? Want to stay home and work online instead? No worries, I will discuss a few options that you can consider here that you can use to either make extra money or a full time summer job.

Paid Surveys for Teens

My top 10 list of legitimate and high paying sites offering paid surveys for teens. You don’t have to worry about scams with these paid only survey sites. There are surveys designed specifically for teenagers.

Make Money Using Twitter

Twitter grew in popularity overnight and word spread virally like any other Internet hit. Heck even Ashton Kutcher and CNN had a Twitter frenzy going at one point. Since then many Internet entrepreneurs tried to use Twitter to make money. Learn how you can too!

Get Paid to Use a Computer

Does get paid to use a computer sound like a scam to you? Believe me it is not. If you are wondering how that can possibly be, well it can and here is how.

Sell Used Books & Make Money

ATTENTION Students ! Or Anyone with OLD Books! Sell your used books online for cash and make extra money! Forget Amazon and Ebay. You will love this neat website if you have used books that you want to get rid of.

Another Good Website to Sell Used College Books To

Here is another good website where you can make money selling your college text books. You can also buy and trade books. Check it out.

Make Money With ShareASale - One of My Top Earners

ShareASale is one of the best affiliate marketing networks ever put together. Learn how to take advantage of a high powered platform that has already been set up for you. All you have to do is join and do what I and any other person who makes money using it does.

Make Money With the Panthera Network

This review is dedicated to the Panthera Network, an affiliate network similar to ShareASale (one of my top earners). I am writing this because I have received several inquiries from my newsletter subscribers asking about the viability and income generating potential from the network’s merchants.

Make Money With PepperJam - The New Affiliate Network

If you run one of those trendy pop culture business types, websites or blogs (i.e. designer related, clothing, sex, music), this is the program you want to be with.

Why Join Affiliate Network Programs As Much As You Can?

This a good one to discuss early and something I realized when I was far ahead along my venture. It took me a long time to fix it, so don’t make the same mistake I did.

Sell Used CDs, Video Games, PC Games & DVDs & Cash IN

ATTENTION Electronic Junkies! Do you have used CDs, games and DVDs just lying collecting dust at home? Why not sell them online and make some easy extra money out of it? This site pays very well, so check them out before you go out to GameStop or some other similar place.

Sell Your Photos Online & Make Easy Money

ATTENTION PHOTOGRAPHERS! Do you wonder sometimes where the stock photography comes from that is all over the Internet? From photographers like you! Learn how you can sell your photos online & make easy extra money in your spare time. And you don't even have to be a photographer to take advantage of this opportunity!

Get Paid to Surf the Internet - NOT A SCAM

I have seen many get paid to surf online models and have found a fundamental flaw with all of them. Scour is one that I have been following for 6 months prior to writing about it in this section. Find out why you should be using them to browse the Internet and how you can make some extra money in the process of browsing the web.

Sell or Rent Your TimeShare & Make Easy Money

Timeshares, are they worth it? If you were lured into buying one, learn how you can sell or rent your timeshare and make some extra money in the process. It is easy to do so and free of charge, so make use of idle property and turn it into some cash for you.

Learn How to Make Money With Twitter

Yet another program launched to make money with Twitter. A very neat concept capitalize on the Twitter craze that took of in 2009. Everyone and their dog started to Twitter, so some smarty came up with a way to Tweet and make extra money in the process.

Work Once & Earn Passive Income Forever

Get paid monthly from a one time effort. How? By building a passive income stream from the top 5 paid survey websites that allow you to make extra monthly income by building your business.

Sell Your Old, Broken, Unwanted Jewelry and Earn Cash for Gold

Got broken or unwanted gold jewelry? Learn how to earn cash for gold. Sell your old gold jewelry online to MyGoldExpert for cold cash. Never go to a pawn shop and get short changed.

Tell Your Lil' One to Say Cheeeese....Make Money With Baby Pictures!

Here is a neat way to make money with baby pictures. Not only do you get to display your handsome or beautiful baby, but you also get paid for it.

Print Free Coupons Online - Make Money by Saving Money

Free printable coupons save you a ton of money. Get all kinds of free coupons, free grocery coupons, free shipping coupons. Online coupons are increasing in popularity because they are free and printable from home!

Get a Prepaid Credit Card & Avoid Getting Cheated by Get Paid to Websites

Don’t trust anyone with your personal credit card? No worries, try using a prepaid credit card to minimize the risk that your credit card gets abused and charged fees that you don’t agree with month after month.

Paid Surveys - Get Paid Cash For Surveys

This is one of the best and easiest ways to make extra money online in your spare time. It is also my personal favorite and the reason I have this site and thousands of subscribers to my Blog and newsletter. This is my bread and butter and has made me A TON of money. I can speak about paid surveys for days.

Make More Money by Working More Efficiently Using Google Chrome

This is something that has worked wonders for me. Google Chrome is a free browser. Use it to work more efficiently and make more money online.

My Top 10 Paid Survey Tips

Use these top 10 tips to maximize your income from paid surveys online. Don't get lost in the dirty jungle and end up wasting your time like most people do. They eventually get frustrated and quit before ever seeing any results from their efforts.

AWeber Email Autoresponder - The Best Email Marketing Software

I wrote this section for two reasons: 1) AWeber is one of my most profitable companies that I make money from and 2) A ton of website owners and bloggers have sent me emails asking me the best way to retain their traffic over long term. Returning website or blog traffic, known as “stickiness” is a big component of internet marketing and search engines reward you heavily for that and rank you high in search results. There is no better way to take advantage of that strategy other than using a reliable and well functioning email autoresponder like AWeber.

How to Market Your Affiliate Links

Many of the programs I have recommended on this page have an excellent referral or affiliate system. Learn how to take advatage of this at the fullest to maximize your income from each.

My Top Earners - Take A Peak Into My Bank Account

Many of my newsletter readers and blog subscribers have always asked what are some of the programs that I have made the most money with. While I can't promise these will work for you the same way they have for me (each case is very unique), these top earners have certainly done me very well over the years.


This website currently has several hundred options you can make extra money online. My goal is to grow this list to ONE THOUSAND and then eventually to thousands of free to join paid opportunities online that you can choose from!

Subscribe to my newsletter to stay up to date with new developments and opportunities as well as step-by-step instructions on how to get started and make extra money online with paid surveys!

Also don’t miss out on my Blog, where I discuss the hottest new opportunities and talk about making extra money online from home in general. Sign-up for the RSS feed to receive automated notifications of new content on my website and my latest Blog posts. I guarantee you that you will keep coming back for more and get all your monies worth (because it is FREE!).

I will leave you with four MUST READ discussions if you want to be successful with any of the methods I talked about in this section:
  1. Make the most money from your articles

  2. Must Read Tips

  3. Grow Your Earnings

  4. Where and how to promote to get referrals and snowball your earnings

  • Affiliate Marketing Master Course - You cannot afford not to read this free book if you are even remotely serious about making extra money online from affiliate marketing.
  • Writing Master Course - Make the most money possible from your written content. This is the most valuable free resource I can recommend to anyone looking to make extra money online.
  • Website or Blog ? - Are you at a critical juncture and not sure if you should build a website or a blog? This will open up your eyes.
  • SBI - The single best solution to building a solid long-term online business that will make you money for years to come.


Google Adsense Six Figure Income Stories - Fact or Fiction?

Are the six figure income Google Adsense earnings stories true? Find out how to make money with websites built around your passion. Site Build It! or SBI makes it very easy.

Earn More From Adsense Using These Free Tools

If you make money from Google Adsense or are planning to you don't want to miss this series on how to earn more from Adsense.

Google Adsense Website - Make money writing online

A Google Adsense Website is The Best Way to Use Your Knowledge & Experience to Make Money Writing Online.

Make Money With the Google Adsense Program

Learn how you can make extra money online from your website with the Google Adsense program. This is the easiest way to make money from your writing online.

Google Adsense Top paying keywords | How to find high paying keywords

Determine the Google Adsense Top paying keywords in your research so that you can make the most of your campaigns. Increase your Adsense income significantly!

Google Adsense Alternatives - Other Paid Ad Programs for Publishers

Struggling to make extra money with Adsense? Did Google kick you out? No worries, consider these Google Adsense alternatives and make money from your website with or without Master Google.








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