CashCrate Review

Due to super high demand, here is the much awaited dedicated section just on CashCrate. Many of you have made a lot of money already on this survey website and have suggested that I dedicated a section to it with tips and strategies to do better and be more efficient.

CashCrate is one of my top five most profitable survey websites. I make a significant amount from it alone every month. The biggest reason for this is that they reward 20% in commissions from all first level earnings and 10% from second level. This is quite remarkable and more than any other company will pay you.


-Minimum Age to do surveys – 13 (great part time job for teens)
-1st Tier Referral Earnings - 20%
-2nd Tier Referral Earnings - 10%
-Extra Bonus - $3 for any referral that earns $10
-Does it Allow International Membership? Yes
-Payment Method – By Check or PayPal
-Membership Fee – FREE to join

Yes – CashCrate is open to people not living in the USA. In fact, if you dedicate your time to CashCrate, this might be the only survey website you need to make you the supplemental income that you desire.

Remember my rule – never ever pay anyone for this information. And never ever pay any survey site just to join. They should be paying you in fact.

About CashCrate:

CashCrate is a website which offers you surveys to complete and products to try for free. Technically, NO Credit Card is Needed and it is 100% Free! That said, there are many offers that pay a ton of money if you have a credit card. Keep reading and I will show you how to take advantage of these without having to pay. I have personally never been scammed or know of anyone I have recommended that has been charged without their consent.

CashCrate’s Special Bonus Programs

CashCrate has two very good programs that you are automatically qualified for.

First of all, you make an extra $3 per referral for any referral you make that earns $10. so if you refer 10 people each month, you make an extra $30 each month. That is an extra $360 a year!

CashCrate also has a great bonus program that gives you points after completing offers. You can redeem these points for prizes or gift certificates. Many offers give you money and points to go with it. Redeeming points for flat screen TVs and Ipods is not uncommon or rare at all. People do it every day.

CashCrate Is Easy Money

I will show you how easy it is to pile up cash real fast. Don’t do it like everyone else does by filling out each and every line. That will take up all your time. I will show you how to speed up the process so you can earn $35 or more in your first hour.

I will show you how to make a lot of money with this site so easily by sharing some very important tips with you that most people don’t know. If you are not going to sign up for any other site that I’ve shown you on this website, then make sure you sign up with CashCrate. There is no reason why you cannot make solid supplemental income with this one website alone.

Just always remember it is as simple as the three step process below:

  • Use my helpful tips below to make a lot of money fast
  • Refer others and show them a proof of your check if they don’t believe you
  • Sit and wait for your monthly check to come in the mail (it gets bigger each month)

If you are only going to sign up for one survey site, then make sure you sign up with CashCrate. This one site is more than enough in helping you make a thousand or more dollars per month.

Here is what CashCrate says on their site about doing cash offers

Cash offers are the heart of CashCrate. Follow the steps below to start making money.

*Click on “Complete Offers” in the Member’s navigation bar.
*Click on the “Cash Offers” tab in the offers box.
*Decide which offers you want to show and how you want to sort them. To start off with, we recommend you show the ‘100% Free’ offers and sort by ‘Rating’. These offers are completely free to complete and the easiest offers come up on the top of the stack. Now click ‘Go!’.
*Choose an offer from the table that appears. Note the description (which tells you how to complete the offer), then click on the offer name.
*The offer will open in a new window. Complete the offer using truthful information. After you’re finished, close the window.
*You’re done! The only thing left to do is submit the offer to us so we can credit you. Go back to the offer table and click the ‘Submit’ button to the right of the offer you just completed. The offer will be added to your Pending list and removed from the offers table.
*Once we confirm the offer (usually within a couple hours), the money will be moved to your monthly earnings and the offer will be put in your Completed offers table.
*Rinse and Repeat!

Follow the tips below very carefully and you will crack the code in no time. I guarantee you will make between $20-25 an hour with your efforts


1) Create a separate email account with Gmail to avoid spam and not mix business emails with your personal or work emails. Even if you get a little bit of spam, you can always click the box by the email and hit the “report as spam” button on the top.

2) Sign-up with CashCrate

3) Sign-up with a free phone number account with Brring. It is best not to give out your real phone number but even if you do it is not a problem. It has not been one for me at least. If I don’t want to be bothered I kindly tell the caller I am not interested and to take my name off the list. I have never had any problems with this. With Brring, you can give them a working number that is not your real number. Chances are they will never bother you again.

4) Sign up with an automatic form filler. Try Roboform. You will be amazed how much time you can save. This free tool automatically fills out your information on the surveys you do. Watch the video link further below to see how this is used.

This is a FREE tool and it is the biggest time saver. It will fill out all your forms for you by just pushing a button. It also will store all your user-names and passwords for all the survey sites and will populate them in the appropriate fields automatically.

You want something even better? You won't believe this. Look into the full version of Roboform. This will allow you to create your own customized fields and tell the program what to fill in it. This will seriously cut your survey taking time to 60-90 seconds at most. That is less than 2 minutes per survey!

5) Download the free CCleaner tool. You will need this to quickly fill your surveys. This tool will automatically clear all cookies and tracking information from your machine. Sometimes if you don’t do this your offers do not get credited if you have been on the website before. But by using this, you will get close to 100% of your offers confirmed! Clear your cookies at least every 3-5 offers.

Here is an excellent tip. Use new email addresses every 5 or so offers. Why? Because they all are unique to the sites offering you the offers. But make sure you use your CashCrate email during the daily surveys. The tip I gave you is just for offers. I have 5 different email accounts that I use for offers. For example, if your email is speedracer@gmail.com, you can create another like speedracer1@gmail.com and yet another one like speedracer123@gmail.com.

6) Be diligent when you have to fill in information yourself. CashCrate’s policy can ban you if you use fake information so always supply real information. Make sure your address is right because this is where your checks will be mailed (if you are not using PayPal)

Now check this out very carefully: Sort your offers in this way - "100% free" and "Newest".

The reason you do this is because there are new offers all the time on the site and you want to get the freshest crop out there. Go into the offer and let Roboform do the magic for you. If it does not fill it in yourself. Simply click on Submit, then go to the offer and click Submit and walla you are all set. You should be confirmed in no time.

Other windows may pop up (gold offer, silver offer blah blah blah). Just ignore all those windows and shut them down. They are trying to suck you into doing more work that you should. Always look for messages such as "Thank you", "Thanks" and "Skip this offer". These are usually signs that you are done with what you were paid to do and can leave the site at any time now.

7) Keep the final screen up for at least a minute after you submit and complete an offer. This will help get your offers confirmed faster and at a higher rate.

I usually also keep my email account open. That way each time I do an offer and it gets confirmed or for whatever reason I get an email, I can see it right away and don't have to go through opening up and loging in separately. This saves a ton of time.

8) Stay away from the ringtone offers. They say they are free but you will get billed on the back end. They say that you have to enter your cell phone. But what they do is bill your cell phone directly. Do these offers only if you really want ring tones. (or look at #3 above for a cool tip)

Some people are scarred of credit card offers. If you are one of them, just go to CVS, Walmart or online and grab yourself a prepaid credit card. You can decide how much money to put in it. Then simply use that. If you follow what I am telling you you will never be billed.

You need to track your trial periods and simply cancel before the trial period ends. NEVER EVER GIVE OUT YOUR CREDIT CARD INFORMATION (but many people do and that is ok as long as you are careful).....GO GET A PREPAID CARD AND PLAY WITH THAT. Oh, and you can use Google Calendar to keep track of when your offers expire or simply keep a spreadsheet on your desktop to remind you. Read how you can get a free prepaid card here.

9) Make sure to use the CashCrate Blog and Forum. These are both excellent and amazing resources. There is just plenty to learn from these.

10) Never do any of the “side” offers during an offer. These are “gold” or “silver” offers that you will see randomly pop-up. Mostly, you only need to complete the first few pages of an offer to get credit. Keep an eye out on the URL bar of the offer. If that changes, you are pretty much done. But remember, keep it open for at least a full minute so your offer can definitely be confirmed. Some offers confirm right away and some will confirm overnight.

11) Hit Alt + and this will automatically select the “no” radio boxes. Another cool trick is to hit the tab key to move between fields. When you use the tab key and the cursor goes to a button, simply click the space bar to fill in that button and you are all set. This will speed you up!

12) Just Do It! Make some $$$, then read below how to refer others and grow your checks. Show them what worked for you and share my tips with them. Remember if you are not going to do anything else, then focus just on CashCrate. This one site alone is enough to make you the money you desire.

I have compiled this information specifically for CashCrate. However you can apply the same tips to pretty much any survey company and be on your way to making thousands of dollars monthly.

Specifically, you can use ROBOFORM AND CCLEANER for anything you do!

I do have a separate section on my website completely dedicated to more helpful tips. This section includes more tips than the short summary above. Make sure you read it as well.

Watch this video from a successful home based entrepreneur making good money from CashCrate. This video shows many of the tips I’ve told you in practical use so you can see how it is done.


  • Refer your friends and family right away with your link – show them how easy it is to make money
  • Show people your checks to prove it works and they can make it to every month
  • Put your CashCrate referral link in your email signature
  • Post in forums and include your link on the bottom
  • Do the same for bulletins, discussion boards and Blogs
  • Sign up with Yahoo Groups and Yahoo Answers – focus on money making groups
  • Do the same with social networks like Facebook & MySpace and tell everyone about it
  • Create a Blog with your link and banners in it
  • Refer your online friends, work colleagues and friends from church
  • Make small flyers or business cards and pass them out
  • Post a flyer at work
  • Put an add in newspaper
  • Put up flyers in local stores/libraries, wherever you can to spread the word (email me and I can provide you with one)
  • Go to colleges nearby and talk to kids about it – they are always looking for cash
  • Distribute flyers to homes in your area
  • Do the same for cars parked in shopping centers and malls – place it on the windshield
  • Go on chat rooms and spread the word – select chat rooms that talk about easy money making
  • Put up your ads all over classified ads – there are a ton of free ones online as well
  • Tell everyone through instant messenger
  • Build a website with your links and message and market it
  • Send out flyers to mailing lists
  • Come up with YouTube videos and post your link on there. Show people your checks and how it is done
  • One of the best – Get a magnetic sticker and put it on your car so you can advertise whenever and wherever you drive
I will tell you this, with just a little effort you can make a lot of money with CashCrate. This is free money. Don’t give it up! See my detailed section on how to grow your earnings (you can read it now but apply the strategies only after you have made your first $100, which you will make in just the next couple days)


Is this a scam?

Perhaps you haven’t seen my monthly $1,000 + checks have you? No it is not a scam. But people who don’t know what they are doing often do get tricked. No matter what you’ve read elsewhere, I am here to tell you that those folks didn’t read my helpful tips. There is a ton of free easy money to be made and I don’t see why everyone can’t do it.

If you don’t believe me, go to Google and click on Images on the top left of your screen. Then type in “CashCrate Check” in the search box and take a look at the checks all over the place that all kinds of people are making. Is this what you call a scam?

If you do what you are asked to do, you will get paid for it and you will get paid well. The problem is that most people dive into money making ventures without properly understanding how each program works and what to avoid.

If you follow my instructions and my tips, you will never come out on the short end of the deal. By the way, make sure you sign up for my newsletter. You will receive invaluable tips and strategies to make the most out of your time online.

After you sign-up for my newsletter, I want you to carefully read my section on helpful tips that you must know. You will be so glad you did and I won’t even ask you to thank me :-)

What about pending offers?

Offers can be approved within minutes, hours or even overnight. There are some that take a few days. That is ok don’t worry. CashCrate is one of the most legitimate paying companies.

Sometimes you will see that offers just don’t confirm and are too stubborn. In this case do this. Keep your final screen up for a few minutes before shutting it down. Don’t rush it. Also make sure you clear your cookies every 5 offers or so. Create multiple email addresses and change them around as well for maximum profits and approvals.

I have never had any major problems with this personally. The forum and Blog that CashCrate has are very helpful and address all kinds of questions, concerns and problems. Make sure you read them in detail if you have a question.

But if you are having problems getting offers and surveys to approve, do not worry too much. This is by far the biggest complaint of survey takers starting out on CashCrate. Wait till you hear how easy it is to fix this issue. Click here to read specific situations and what to do in each.

Is it worth your time?

Well do you have anything better to do? Can you make $50 or more an hour? If so then I suggest you stick to what you do. If not then this is definitely worth your time.

Many people make a full time living from CashCrate. It is possible. The beauty of it is that once you start referring people and once your referral group grows, the checks keep getting larger and they keep coming even when you are no longer doing surveys and offers yourself. That is the stage where I am at right now.

So many people use it to make car payments, mortgage payments and even a living. How much you want to make is up to you and whether you want to do it is up to you. I am simply here to tell you that it works wonders if you want to make it work.

Should you try it out?

Why not? There is nothing to loose. It’s not like you are paying to join. If you like it, keep doing it. If you don’t you can walk away at any time. But if you do it please keep my helpful tips in mind.

It is perfect for someone looking to make a bit extra cash on the side. And if you want a significant amount every month, you will have to market and advertise your referral links. I did it and I have included some of the ways you can do it above as well as throughout my website and newsletter. So make sure you stay tuned.








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